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Birds around Manchester (1 Viewer)

I'm quite new to birding but mark and I have seen quite a few nice birds around Manchester this year....

I work in Brookside business park Chadderton and the Wince brook runs thro it. Regular birds on the brook are a female grey wagtail, a dunnock, long tail tits, and at the moment later in the day house martins buzz the brook and bridge taking insects in flight.... Along Middleton rd behind the estate there are a number of green finches and I saw a Lapwing resting on a factory roof too !..Theres a tree pippit I'm sure around too but not seen it properly yet only heard it. Wrens are common too !

Rhodes is nearby and along with the ducks swans and canada gees there are Gt crested Grebes there with young ! (They looked like they had stripy zebra suits on ! ) Also a tern of some sort payed a visit a few weeks a go, probably a common tern diving and swooping to catch fish. Very white with a yellow beak tho ?

On the Rochdal Canal in Ancoats by Radium St there is a patch of waste land/park that has green finches sparrows, a black cap ?, wrens, pied wagtails, and the usual tits robins and black birds.

Chorlton Nature reserve yielded a tawny owl along with lots of robins singin thrushes, wrens and a warbler of some sort on the steam there. We even spotted a Jay and its nest !

On Astley Moss we have seen pied wagtails, yellowhammers, cuckoos in flight pointed out to us by a local who knew his stuff ! red and grey legged partridges, and reed buntings.

I even saw a linnet earlier in the year singing in a tree in Ardwich green ! Also sen a pair of Linnets in a bush alongside the Ashton canal close to Gt Ancoats St behin d the old Ancoats Hospital..

So there are plenty of birds around Mcr you just have to look !

I read that Black redstarts nest in Mcr around the canal areas or did, but having looked, we cant find them. Has anyone got any specific information about last sightings ?
Hi Roberta Jane

Welcome to Bird Forum on behalf of Admin and the Moderators! Thanks for telling us about your local patch. We have a few members up your way, so I am sure they'll be able to answer your question.

Have fun with BF - there's a lot to see!
:hi: Roberta! A nice selcetionof birds you have on a good local patch, I hope you get some Black Redstarts. Look for 'bomb' sites or building sites, that is the extent of my limited knowledge. I have only seen them in Sidmouth and on the cliffs of Cornwall.
Have already done so Andrew Theres an area between and alongside the Rochdale and Ashton Canals thats looks ideal but seems only populated by pigeons and the occasional linnet !
By the way, I cant say I like your Icon/avatar as I am and always have been a true Blue ! C'mon you blue boys !
Hi Roberta and a big welcome from one true bblue to another.
I havn't done much birding in Manchester but I did go to see the Waxwings (90+) outside the train station a couple of years ago. I've also been to Pennington flash a few times.
Hi Roberta.

A few years ago black redstart was annual beside the car park next to Piccadillt Station on the old buildings. Don't know if they still gat there but it was an ideal site. Somebody will probably reply that they knocked it down last year so my advice is to wait for some more recent news!!! Good luck and let us know if you find one.

Andrew said:
[B Look for 'bomb' sites or building sites[/B]

Sounds like Liverpool's your best bet in that case.

Anyway welcome to BF from a Mancunian in exile. I've still never seen a Black Redstart in Britain, only in Spain, so I'd be interested to see them in the Manchester area on my next visit.

I must say I was disappointed to hear that you are a Bertie. However, Ronaldinho is practising his lobs over Seaman as we speak. Bring it on.

Ed (Red)
Andrew said:
Edward, I think Roberta is a Toffee?

Oh I see, Andrew. I never thought of that and it makes more sense now I've read it again. Oh well, it's much better being an Evertonian than a City fan and definitely better than being a Liverpool fan :)

Grey Partridge also sounds good, it's been ages since I saw one of those.

Edward said:
Oh well, it's much better being an Evertonian than a City fan and definitely better than being a Liverpool fan :)


And being a Liverpool fan is better than being a Red Manc! ;)
Hmm B4 this footie thing gets nasty....back to the birds....Johnny 1 which station ? Piccadilly or Victoria ?

I live right by Piccadilly station.havent seen waxwings or a Black redstart...will look again though !

We wnt up to Leighton Moss in N.Lancs last week and although we didnt see a Bittern or the Bearded Tits, we did see several Masrh Harriers, Avocets, Green shank, Balck Tailed Godwits, Dunlin, Marsh tits, Coal tits..etc ! Not a bad day !

Nice and nostalgic for me, this thread... as another exiled Mancunian. I used to live very near the Chorlton Ees nature reserve (except that it wasn't a NR then). I've seen snipe and short-eared owl there in years gone by. There used to be tree sparrows and breeding LRPs, too, and I've seen grasshopper warblers there. I remember being quite pleased to hear lesser whitethroat there in the days when they were a comparative rarity in the NW. There are lots of good places for birding within reach of M/c, such as Leighton Moss, Frodsham, Wirral, Delamere Forest, Ladybower Res., Millerdale (dipper, redstart, kingfisher and I've seen pied fly)... and the Fylde coast... you've got it made!
As Grimsby Town supporter I'm probably some way out of my league but I've got to say that I'm amused that Man Utd fans always seem to feel the need to have a pop at Liverpool - clearly, and despite a decade or so at or near the top, Man Utd fans still feel a sense of inadequacy when thoughts turn to Liverpool and it's illustrious record.

HI...Ever seen Green Woodpeckers around Manchester my b/f Mark wants to see one and hasn't yet !

As for the Man U v Lpool thing..I can print here wot I think about em both..Its only sport after all !
I've come across a few green woodpeckers in the Manchester area this year: in Chorlton Water Park (earlier on in the year one came daily from around the Wythenshawe Park area - it may still); in the Sinderland Green area, just north of Dunham Park; and in Swallows Wood Nature Reserve at Hollingsworth. I think there are plenty around.

Alan Hill
Roberta it was Piccadilly in February 2001, up to 170 waxwings were reported, the day I visited I counted about 90. There was a tree near the station where they roosted...dunno if the trees still there?
There are plenty of Green Woodpeckers in the Leighton Moss area, try the Woodwell area which is also good for Hawfinches.
Coincidentally I had a Green Woodpecker on my local patch today...the first in 10 years of birdwatching here.
I don't think it was a little Tern because it had a completely black head above the beak and it was nearly as big as the Black headed gull it was chasing off. I'm entertaining hopes it might have been a rare one but it was probably an arctic or common tern
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