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Birds from India Feb 2020 (1 Viewer)


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I have been sorting out thousands of photos from our recent tour (Feb 2020) of India. We indentified 212 species during the trip and documented (with camera) nearly 90% of these. As always there are a few uncertainties left over, usually those with the poorest photos. The main difficult areas were, predictably, Phylloscopus warblers and raptors. These follow in 3 threads including a Pipit and link to a distant video (curious to see if anyone has any idea of the ID of this one)

Thanks for any help!

Starting with Phylloscopus warblers

Phylloscopus #1
This one photographed in the grounds of Chambal Safari Lodge, Uttar Pradesh. Long supercilium, pale legs, wing bar. Our guide suggested a Greenish Warbler ??


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Phylloscopus #2
Photographed in the Bharatpur Park. Supercilium appears to broaden behind the eye. Best shots just of head but I have included poor ones to give impression of wing etc


  • Image 2-1.jpg
    Image 2-1.jpg
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Phylloscopus #3
This one in the grounds of The Pugmark Lodge just outside Ranthambore. No obvious wing bar. Seems too green to be a (Siberian) Chiffchaff


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Phylloscopus #4
Photos from Ranthambore itself (zone 3). A hint of a 2nd wingbar


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No.1 is really puzzling. It has a mottled cheek, a suggestion of dark centres to the greater coverts and that wingbar is surely too broad for Greenish, but it doesn't look right for Hume's Leaf either.

No. 4 does look more like Hume's Leaf Warbler though. The lower wingbar is too broad for Greenish and it just has that look to it - broad supercilium, broad wingbar, compact proportions.

I don't know what nos. 2 & 3 are, but I'm not sure either one is even a Phylloscopus. No. 3 might be Sykes's.
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