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Birds in Ceara, Brazil (1 Viewer)


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Hi all

I have a few more Brazilian birds I would be grateful for some assistance in identifying:

1. Yellow Tyrannulet? - a small passerine with a very bright yellow underbelly and darker top half; about half the size of the nearby Tropical Kingbirds. It was perched on the overhead wires (see attached picture which may assist with jizz).

2. Some Dove sp. seen on the road and surrounds. They are all grey, much like Collared Doves at home but perhaps slightly smaller. I know there are a few similar Dove species in this region, but any tips of how to narrow it down (e.g. habitat, size) might help get closer to an ID.

3. Some Blackbirds/Cowbirds seen in the beachside vegetation. They were all black, with fanned tails, slightly larger than a common Blackbird. That may not be enough for an ID but thought it was worth a try.

4. Some (seemingly) Swifts seen whizzing over the beach at dusk (so perhaps bats but I don't think so). They were all brown, very small and very agile.

I appreciate these descriptions may not be very helpful or there may be several species which match them, but I thought I'd post them just to see.

Many thanks in advance as always.


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I think the bird in the photo is a Bananaquit.
Thanks both - I would be inclined to agree with this, it was definitely half the size of the Kingbirds which were close enough to compare the size relatively accurately.

I think 4. must be either a Sick's Swift or Band-rumped Swift - not sure which would be more likely based on my description of habitat, location, etc.
1 is definitely not yellow tyrannulet: behaviour completely wrong. Image probably tropical kingbird. I can't see a bananaquit, although I could make it into a cattle tyrant (more often on the ground, though)

2 sounds like a ground dove

For 3 check shiny cowbird. It doesn't match the description of a fanned tail (sounds more like a grackle) but it's probably the commonest
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