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Birds in Germany--Taunus (1 Viewer)

Tom St

Well-known member
All observed in April 2021 in the Taunus region.

1) Is this falcon ID-able from the photo?
2) Which of the Redstarts is this?
3) Probably song thrush?
4) Probably song thrush?
5+6) Same bird on those two photos. Could be a flycatcher, or something really common that I am missing here.

Thanks for any help.


  • falcon.JPG
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  • redstart.JPG
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  • thrush_1.JPG
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  • thrush_2.JPG
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  • unknown_a.JPG
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  • unknown_b.JPG
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1. looks Wood Pigeon to me but very difficult to be sure
2. again difficult, Common would be my guess
3. + 4. Song Thrush indeed
5. + 6. look at bill, typical of buntings, so a Yellowhammer

Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
Agree with Tom about picture 1, 4, 5 and 6.
Are there more pictures of 2 and 3?
I get the feeling that 2 might be a Black Redstart by colour of upperparts and face doesnt look open enough for me.
And, although, I would ID picture 2 as a Song Thrush in quiz modus, I cant loose the feeling, that it might be a pitfal picture of a Woodlark.

Tom St

Well-known member
@Tom and Lou: I only caught a glimpse (and this one photo) of 1., so it may well be pigeon/dove. 😅 It was in the same place I had spotted a falcon earlier, so I was easily fooled.
@Alexander: unfortunately, I don't have any extra pictures of 2. and 3.

Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
about the first bird: I agree with both of you, that it may be better to leave this bird unidentified . I suspected that the contrasting blackish trailing edge on the underwing of a Stock Dove would be visible here, same with a wild type coloured Feral Pigeon, and I must admit when Tom says it might be a Wood Pigeon or Lou says iit might be a Stock Dove, than thats quite a good feature, nearly a field mark. I hope this doesn’t come out as an offense, I agree with both of you, that is one of those

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