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BITFEOV for my new SLC 8x42 (1 Viewer)


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For me, binocular needs to have way big eyecups to avoid kidney beans and get a decent ease-of-view.
(This is one reason why I like my Kowa Genesis 8x43 as it is and had to beef up the eyecups on my El 8x32 with the winged ones.)
For the new SLC 8x42 I have yet to acquire a set, so in the meantime I modifed as I do with all my binoculars, some layers of bicycle inner tube:
BITFEOV - BicycleInnerTubeForEaseOfViev.
Works great in avoiding kidney beans, doesn't look so good, though. But paired with the eyecup cover of the Genesis my new Swaro is now perfectly usable for the aproaching weekend and until I get myself another set of winged eyecups and Bino Guard.


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Hi oetzi,

Good to see you found a solution for your skinny eyecups. Good thing you don't have the pre-SV 8x32 ELs, the eyecups are so skinny, you would have to put the whole bike tire around it to make it fat enough. :)

I have the opposite problem. With my high-bridge nose, fat eyecups are uncomfortable to use. Unfortunately, there is no way to slim down an eyecup other than filing it down if that's possible. Binoculars with large eyecups but narrow, flat rubber rings on top such as the EDG and the SLC-HD fit my face comfortably. So, it's not just about the diameter of the eyecups but how the top of the eyecups fits my face.

Have you seen Tobias Mennle's solution to the uncomfortable eyecups on the Swaro Habicht and Nikon SE?

I might try this with the SEs.

The only problem with his modification is that side light can hit the EPs and ruin the contrast, so perhaps putting winged sun shades around the foam covered eyecups would solve both problems.


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Hi brocknroller,
Tobias Mennle inspired me to modify eyecups of binoculars. After some try-and-error I found bitfeov to be the most practical one for me.
On old Porros and compact binoculars I use a method similar to TM's by putting my indexfingers where he added foam, thus filling the big void between the tiny eyecups and the underside of my eyebrows.

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