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black chested hummingbird?? (1 Viewer)


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Hi, I'm not a birder but I do maintain a hummer feeder from about April to October in lower Michigan. In years' past I see to have one "family" that are almost certainly the ruby throated that are common to Michigan - though I've only ever seen females or maybe juvenile males because I've literally only seen the actual ruby colored throat on one bird/one visit ever even though hummers stop by the feeder all day long, so I assume only mama and babies are living close by.

This year what I assume to be a second "family" is coming in. They fly in from a different direction and all of them have varying degrees of dark/black chest feathers. I can't find any hummer that is supposed to come to Michigan that looks like that. I also make the assumption that the male(s) have the really dark black chest and the female(s) look more like they are covered in dirt or soot on the chest.

*(edit) PS: when I say "chest", as I am not a birder, what I probably really mean is chest and going down their belly area

Anyone know what this hummer family might be? I read that a few stragglers of other species sometimes make it up here but it seems pretty rare for that to happen, so could this still be a ruby throat family that somehow just has a genetic anomaly of darker chest feathers? I'm stumped. Thank you!!

Lisa W

Staff member
First off, welcome to the forum. I can’t think of one, and usually vagrants tend to be alone and not in a group. Is there any way you can get a photo of one?

KC Foggin

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United States
I agree with Lisa. A photo would be very helpful.

Hi there and a warm welcome to you . (y)
We're glad you found us and please join in wherever you like ;)


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Thank you. I will try to get a photo of what I think is female and what I think is male of the black chested ones. One literally just came seconds ago but a wasp decided to be... a wasp and challenge and chase the hummer away. I have watched a full on aerial battle with the ruby throat female and a wasp, but this black chested gave up pretty quick. I'll post back when I get pics.

Thanks for the warm welcomes!!

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