Black or common redstart, Mauritania (1 Viewer)


Brit abroad
Seen at first light today.

Common redstart is a common passage bird in Nouakchott. Black redstart is a rare wintering one.

My camera doesn't cope well with poor light. As far as I can see, the weakish eye ring supports black redstart while the light throat supports common redstart. The underpart colours are redder than a typical black redstart but greyer than a typical common redstart (both female types).

Is it possible to say which species it is?

all help gratefully received as ever


BTW the photos have only been cropped (and only in one case) to avoid any new colour distortions.


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Eduardo Amengual
It's a Common Redstart. Lower chest/belly are too pale and the breast/flanks too colourful for a Black Redstart.

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