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Books on the world's dragonflies & damselflies (1 Viewer)


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Scouring the web I don't seem to be able to find books providing overview of dragonflies in larger regions, let alone the whole world (as we do have for birds f.i).
I see books specifically for a few countries like Costa Rica, South Africa, Sri Lanka...some for larger regions like Australia, India, Europe of course and for the US even down to state level.

But where are books on dragonflies in Asia, if only SE, or the Amazon rainforest, or Africa...the world...? Do those even exist or have been published at all?

Any advice on books to get to know, if only even admire in pictures, the world's dragonflies and damselflies? Thanks!


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Swindon Addick

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Dijkstra's book on the dragonflies of eastern Africa is pretty good. A bit large for my bookshelf, though. Since he also wrote one of the few guides to the dragons of Europe, maybe we need to wait for him to write about other regions.

Jill Silsby's book Dragonflies of the World is long out of print and only goes to family level, but it does cover all of the families. Not easy to find at a sensible price in Europe, and 20 years old now. I managed to track down a battered copy that wasn't ruinously expensive via a second hand seller in the US. https://www.alibris.co.uk/Dragonflies-of-the-World-Jill-Silsby/book/1810123


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Thanks for all.

Silsby's can be found affordable secondhand. For the rest all seem to stay on country or genera/family level, though the Central America one seems good as does the Eastern Africa one.

India is of course a large region as is China https://www.nhbs.com/dragonflies-and-damselflies-of-china-2-volume-set-english-chinese-book

Still surprising there isn't more on the Amazonian ones, as a map indicated the largest variety occurring there, next to SE Asia (there's a book on the Malaysian peninsula + Singapore from the same author as the one for Borneo). The Heckmans are a bit....expensive, as they are rich in contents probably.

Currently paging through Lynx's "All the birds of the world", would be great if there was similar for dragon/damselflies just to lavish on the beauty of nature's variety on that "theme". Seems we're stuck on collecting sometimes quite expensive fragmentary books on this subject.
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