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BOW Key (1 Viewer)

I still hope to dig up 'new-to-the-Key' names but these are mostly just more typos/mistakes, I think. Ah well - they're published & unfindable / not in the Key-Index so maybe they'd be useful there.

1 Eleocerthia - v12:226 - Eleocerthia ragazzii - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14482343
2 Antochaera - v12:448 - Antochaera carunculata - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14482565
3 Manorrhina - v12:439 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14482556
4 Pseudorhectes - v12:45 (note) - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14482162
5 Prionocheilus - v12:172 - (Coleoptera). not preoccupied by - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14482289
6 Callista - v13:359 - (Mollusca) not preoccupied by - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14483594
7 Pselliphorus - v13:207 - Pselliphorus viridis - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14483442
8 Pyrrulagra - v13:158 - Pyrrulagra affinis - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14483393
9 Pytilus - v13:226 - Pytilus humeralis - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14483461
10 Sycalis - v13:122 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14483357
11 Amblyospyza - v14:232 - Amblyospyza concolor - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14481433
12 Basileuterns - v14:70 - Basileuterns bateli - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14481271

Again, I am not sure if these are belong in the Key but I had to shake them out anyway to improve the manuscript so here are all lapsus in the bold lines, the lemmata as it were, of Peters' Checklist:

Spizeatus - v1:387 - Lapsus for Spizaetus - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/16109027
Eleania - v8:33 - Lapsus for Elaenia - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14500810
Galeridae - v9:63 - Lapsus for Galerida - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14480738
Troglodytns - v9:423 - Lapsus for Troglodytes - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14481098
Entomedestes v10:94 - Lapsus for Entomodestes - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14486283
Garraulax - v10:360 - Lapsus for Garrulax - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14486549
Chasiempsis - v11:492 - Lapsus for Chasiempis - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14484193
Altapetes - v13:192 - Lapsus for Atlapetes - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14483427
Molothru - v14:200 - Lapsus for Molothrus - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14481401

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Still burrowing away, Erikjan. I admire your persistence. Some of these were already in The Key (probably from the "old days" when I ploughed through Peters: Entomedestes, Chasiempsis, Molothru) and I have added the rest.
Some of these were already in The Key (probably from the "old days" when I ploughed through Peters: Entomedestes, Chasiempsis, Molothru)

...or from a completely different source where the same misspelling was used coincidentally.
In my files, I have Chasiempsis as a misspelling used by Bonaparte in 1850, and Entomedestes as a misspelling used by Todd in 1931.
I probably got these from Neave.
In addition to the Index of English Names of Type Species (see #126) (search ZZZ) I have now created an Index of Scientific Names of Type Species (search ZZY) for The Key.
Here are some more misfits from Peters, not in the Key index:

Peophila - v14:360 - Peophila aurantiirostris - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14481561
Orycerca - v14:378 - Orycerca everetti - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14481579
Plocus - v14:372 - Plocus fringilloides - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14481573
Cinnamopterix - v15:34 - Cinnamopterix trothae - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14485407
Cinnamomopteryx - v15:50 - Cinnamomopteryx mpangae - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14485423
Barruffius - v15:133 - Barruffius nigripennis - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14485506
Coryphegnatus - v15:31 - Coryphegnatus melanotus - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14485404
Cynanocitta - v15:210 - Cynanocitta teotepecensis - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14485583

Absent epitheta (and maybe a few more genera) will follow when I'll get the synonyms parsed out of BHL. I've not found many yet; you've read your Peters well :)

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The Key: a few more additions (see #125). —

Acanthopus, Adelopes, Anchilorhinus, Anthocichla, Driophlox, Neophilydor, Protopelma, Pseudoxenops, Quechuavis, Stictocerthia, Tepuiornis, Thaumatius, Titanoperdix
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  1. Lapogus - v2:35 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14482848
  2. Excalfatoria - v2:96 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14482909
  3. Ithagines - v2:107 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14482920
  4. Leucosareia - v3:137 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14477852
  5. Charmosyne - v3:160 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14477875
  6. Endynamis - v4:38 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14476509
  7. Srix - v4:99 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14476570
  8. Talurania - v5:48 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14480059
  9. Agaeactis - v5:96 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14480107
  10. Lafresnayea - v5:97 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14480108
  11. Galbalcyrynchus - v6:3 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14477436
  12. Dechonychura - v7:18 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14480355
  13. Muscicapae from 'Muscic[apae]' - v7:189 - biodiversitylibrary.org/page/14480526
  14. (stuck in this list - oh well) These are genera names out of Peters synonymy. Mostly typos; it's not always clear whether by Peters or by the underlying publication's author.
  15. -kweetal
Thanks Erikjan
All entered, except Muscicapae, which is a plural form of Muscicapa used by the original author. Names and words followed by (sic) indicate an original author spelling/misspelling.
EDIT 1: Laurent (below #191) is correct, of course. I shouldn't rush headlong into these things - too many late nights staring into bright screens - I need a holiday!
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All entered, except Muscicapae, which is a plural form of Muscicapa used by the original author.

Despite what Peters wrote about it -- "[nominative plural]" -- I'm afraid it's not plural at all, but actually a dative singular.
("Muscic. brachyurae ibid. p. 554. peculiarem habitum brevis cauda conciliat." -- The short tail gives a peculiar appearance to Muscicapa brachyura ibid. p. 554.)
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Here are the epitheta from Peters volume 2 (minus words with accents) that are missing from the Key.

1. kurdestanicus v2:64
Alectoris graeca kurdestanica Meinertzhagen
Alectoris graeca kurdestanicus Meinertzhagen, Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl., 48,
1923, p. 158. (Dohuk, southern Kurdistan.)

2. chucar v2:64
Alectoris graeca werae (Zarudny and Loudon)
Caccabis chucar werae Zarudny and Loudon, Orn. Jahrb., 15, 1904, p. 225.
(Highest mountain forests of southern Luristan and northern Ara-

3. roulroul v2:104
Rollulus roulroul (Scopoli)
Phasianus Roulroul Scopoli, Del. Flor. et Faun. Insubr., fasc. 2, 1786,
p. 93. (Malacca.)

4. rityrhynchus v2:168
Ortygonax rytirhynchos simonsi (Chubb)
Pardirallus rityrhynchus simonsi Chubb, Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl., 38, 1917,
p. 33. (Eten, northwestern Peru.)

5. melanophaeus v2:191
Laterallus melanophaius lateralis (Lichtenstein)
Crex lateralis Lichtenstein, Verz. Dubl. Berliner Mus., 1823, p. 79.
(Bahia, Brazil.)
Creciscus melanophaeus macconnelli Chubb, Bds. Brit. Guiana, 1, 1916,
p. 74 (in key), p. 75, pl. 3, f. 1 (Bonasica River, British Guiana.)

6. afroides v2:222
Afrotis atra etoschae (Grote)
Eupodotis afroides etoschae Grote, Journ. f. Orn., 70, 1922, p. 41, in text,
p. 42, orig. descr. (Okankwego, Ovampoland.)

7. erlangerii v2:224
Eupodotis senegalensis canicollis (Reichenow)
Otis canicollis Reichenow, Orn. Centralbl., 6, 1881, p. 79. (Berdera,
Juba River.)
Otis canicollis erlangerii Reichenow, Vög. Afr., 3, Nachtr., 1905, p. 802.
(New name for Otis canicollis Reichenow.)

8. caerulesens v2:224
Eupodotis caerulesens (Vieillot)
Otis Caerulesens (sic) Vieillot, Tabl. Encyc. Méth., Orn., pt. 1, 1820,
p. 334. (Kaffraria.)
Otis ferox A. Smith, Proc. Comm. Zool. Soc. London, 1830-1831 (1831),
p. 11. ("Country toward Latakoo.")

9. fulicaria v2:292
Phalaropus fulicarius (Linné)
Tringa fulicaria Linné, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, 1, 1758, p. 148. (Hudson
Bay, ex Edwards, pl. 142.)
Phalaropus fulicarius jourdaini Iredale, Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl., 42, 1921,
p. 8. (Liefde Bay, Spitsbergen.)

10. ramicivorus v2:308
Thinocorus rumicivorus patagonicus Reichenow
Thinocorus ramicivorus (sic) patagonicus Reichenow, Journ. f. Orn., 68,
1920, p. 88. (Southern Patagonia.)

11. anaetheta v2:338
Sterna anaethetus nelsoni Ridgway
Sterna anaetheta nelsoni Ridgway, Bull. U.S. Nat. Mus., no. 50, pt. 8,
1919, p. 487 (in key), p. 514. (Sihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico.)
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In the abbreviations page of the Key, it says:
Late Med.L. Late Mediaeval Latin

when what was probably meant is:
Late Med. L. Late Mediaeval Latin

The same 'accident' happened with 'Med.' which should be 'Med. L.', I think.

You are correct re Med., L. etc. I cannot effect the alterations, and had already brought these to the attention of Cornell IT (and before that, to Lynx), but there seems to be a problem. I shall try again when next in touch with Cornell IT.
The KEY has a convention of UPPERCASE for 'Current genus' and therefore I'm wondering: what exactly does 'current genus ' mean?

One would assume UPPERCASE names are names as currently in use in BOW (=eBird/Clements?) but the below names are in the Key in upper case but do not occur in any of the 4 world lists (IOC, eBird/Clements, H&M, HBW)


Can you throw light on this?



You raise an important point. GENERA should mirror the taxonomy of BOW (i.e. genera currently recognised by them). Most of the names you list were brought across unchanged from my MS (based on HBW and other references), and I have yet to review them and cross-check the associated specific names, subspecific names and synonyms. Some others are new names which I considered would be recognised by BOW in due course – hope springs eternal!
From a total of ~1900 names in Peters volume three (1937),
here are 9 absents from TheKey, mostly lapsus; here with associated lemma & entry.

siemundi v3:12
Sphenurus seimundi modestus Delacour
Sphenurus siemundi [sic] modestus Delacour, Bull. Brit. Orn. Cl., 47,
1926, p. 10. (Hué, Annam.) Col. pl., Ois. Indochine Franç., pl. 16,
upper fig.

bisincta v3:19
Treron bicincta bicincta (Jerdon)
Vinago bicincta Jerdon, Madras Journ. Lit. Sci., 12, 1840, p.13. (Sea-
coast south of Tellicherry.)
Treron bisincta [sic] praetermissa Robinson and Kloss, Journ. Fed.
Malay States Mus., 10, 1921, p. 203. (Koh Lak, southwestern Siam.)

phaenicoptera v3:23
Treron phoenicoptera phoenicoptera (Latham)
Columba phaenicoptera Latham, Ind. Orn., 2, 1790, p. 597. (India.)

decaocta v3:92
Streptopelia decaocto xanthocyclus (Newman)
Turtur decaocta xanthocyclus Newman, Avic. Mag. (n.s.), 4, 1906, p. 324
and fig. 1 of pl. (Minbu and Mangue districts of Upper Burma.)

roseogriseus v3:92
Streptopelia roseogrisea arabica (Neumann)
Turtur roseogriseus arabicus Neumann, Orn. Monatsb., 12, 1904, p. 31,
83. (Lahej, southwestern Arabia.)

chalcospila v3:113
Turtur chalcospilos chalcospilos (Wagler)
Chalcopelia chalcospila acanthina Oberholser, Proc. U. S. Nat. Mus., 28,
1905, p. 845. (Mt. Kilimanjaro, East Africa.)

muschenbrocki v3:162
Neopsittacus pullicauda alpinus Ogilvie-Grant
Neopsittacus muschenbrocki [sic] alpinus Ogilvie-Grant, Bull. Brit. Orn.
Cl., 35, 1914, p. 12. (Utakwa River, 8000 feet, New Guinea.) Col. pl.,
Ibis, Jubilee suppl. no. 2, 1915, pl. 6, f. 1.

amazoninus v3:213
Hapalopsittaca amazonina amazonina (Des Murs)
Psittacus amazoninus Des Murs, Rev. Zool., 1845, p. 207. (Bogotá.)
Subtropical (and temperate?) zone of the Eastern Andes of Colombia.

madarani v3:252
Psittacella modesta madarászi A. B. Meyer
Psittacella madarászi A. B. Meyer, Zeitschr. ges. Orn., 3, 1886, p. 4,
pl. 1, f. 1. (Southeastern spurs of the Owen Stanley Range, New
Psittacella madarani Rothschild and Hartert, Nov. Zool., 8, 1901, p. 87.

Candidates for TheKey, epitheta from Peters' check-list v4 and v5:

porphyreolopha v4:8
Gallirex porphyreolophus porphyreolophus (Vigors)
Corythaix porphyreolopha Vigors, Proc. Comm. Zool. Soc. London, pt. 1, 1831, p. 93. (Africa inland from Algoa Bay.)

jonhstoni v4:8
Ruwenzorornis johnstoni kivuensis Neumann
Ruwenzorornis jonhstoni [sic] kivuensis Neumann, Bull. Brit. Orn.
Cl., 21, 29 Feb., 1908, p. 54. (Western Kivu Volcanoes, 2400 metres.)

aneicaudus v4:55
Rhamphococcyx curvirostris oeneicaudus (Verreaux and Verreaux)
Phaenicophaeus aneicaudus J. and E. Verreaux, Rev. et Mag. Zool. (2), 7, 1855, p. 357.

soumagnii v4:77
Tyto soumagnei (Milne-Edwards)
Heliodilus Soumagnii Grandidier, Bull. Soc. Philom. Paris (7), 2, 1878 (séance of 29 Dec., 1877), p. 66. (Madagascar.)

maculicaudatus v4:201
Caprimulgus maculicaudus (Lawrence)
Antiurus maculicaudatus [sic] romainei Carriker, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila., 87, 1935, p. 320. (Chatarona, near Reyes, Beni, Bolivia.)

abessynicus v4:251
Apus affinis abessynicus (Streubel)
Cypselus abessynicus Streubel, Isis von Oken, 1848, col. 354. (Ethiopia = Massawa, Eritrea as fixed by Grant and Mackworth-Praed, Bull.
Brit. Orn. Cl., 58, 1937, p. 21.)

frazeri v5:7
Threnetes ruckeri venezuelensis Cory
Threnetes frazeri [sic] venezuelensis Cory, Field Mus. Nat. Hist. Publ., Orn. Ser., 1, 1913, p. 286.

guyi v5:7
Phaethornis guy apicalis (Tschudi)
Guyornis Guyi napensis Simon, Hist. Nat. Trochil., 1921, p. 18, 258. (Valley of the Napo, eastern Ecuador.)

anthropilus v5:11
Phaethornis anthophilus anthophilus (Bourcier)
Phaethornis anthropilus [sic] fuscicapillus Cory, Field Mus. Nat. Hist. Publ., Orn. Ser., 1, 1913, p. 288. (Orope, Zulia, Venezuela.)

lacondaminei v5:17
Eutoxeres condamini condamini (Bourcier)
Eutoxeres LaCondaminei Simon, Hist. Nat. Trochil., 1921, p. 24, 263. Emendation.

condaminei v5:17
Eutoxeres condamini gracilis Berlepsch and Stolzmann
Eutoxeres condaminei gracilis Berlepsch and Stolzmann, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1902, vol. 2, p. 19. (Vitoc, Perit.)

gautemalae v5:69
Amazilia cyanura guatemalae (Dearborn)
Saucerottea cyanura gautemalae [sic] Dearborn, Field Mus. Nat. Hist. Publ., Orn. Ser., 1, 1907, p. 97.

yucatenensis v5:70
Amazilia yucatenensis cerviniventris (Gould)
Amazilius cerviniventris Gould, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, pt. 24, 1856, p. 150. (Córdoba, Vera Cruz.)

urochrysa v5:79
Chalybura urochrysia incognita Griscom
Chalybura urochrysa incognita Griscom, Am. Mus. Novit., no. 293, 1928, p. 3. (Tacarcuna, eastern Panamá.)

urochrysea v5:80
Chalybura urochrysia urochrysia (Gould)
Chalybura urochrysea Gould, Intro. Trochil., 1861, p. 72. (Panamá.)

ensiferus v5:104
?Ensifera ensifera caerulescens (W. P. Lowe)
Docimastes ensiferus caerulescens W. P. Lowe, Ibis, 1939, p. 73. (South America.)

clarissae v5:106
Heliangelus clarisse clarisse (Longuemare)
?Heliangelus Clarissae var. fulvicrissa Simon, Hist. Nat. Trochil., 1921, p. 179; 367. (Bogotá, Colombia.) Trade skin.

microrrynchus v5:117
Ramphomicron microrhynchum andicolum (Simon)
Rhamphomicrus microrrynchus [sic] andicola Simon, Hist. Nat. Trochil., 1921, p. 199; 379. (Andes of Mérida, Venezuela.)

thyrianthina v5:120
Metallura tyrianthina oreopola Todd
Metallura thyrianthina [sic] harterti Schlüter, Falco, 9, Oct., 1913, p. 42. (Mérida, Venezuela.)

camerunense v5:160
Heterotrogon vittatus camerunensis Reichenow
Heterotrogon vittatum camerunense Reichenow, Vög. Afr., 2, 1902, p. 216. (Cameroon.)

rufidorsus v5:185
Ceyx rufidorsum jungei Ripley
Ceyx rufidorsus jungei Ripley, Zoologica, 27, 1942, p. 59. (Ajer Dingen, Simalur Island.)

macrorhina v5:192
Melidora macrorrhina waigiuensis Hartert
Melidora macrorhina waigiuensis Hartert, Nov. Zool., 36, 1930, p. 99. (Waigeu.)

semicaeruleus v5:197
Halcyon leucocephala centralis Neumann
Halcyon semicaeruleus centralis Neumann, Journ. f. Orn., 53, 1905, p. 189. (Bussisi, southern shore of Lake Victoria.)

westralasianus v5:205
?Halcyon sancta westralasiana Campbell
Halcyon westralasianus Campbell, Emu, 1, 1901, p. 25. (Vasse, South-West Australia.)

nagmiensis v5:259
Tockus erythrorhynchus ngamiensis Roberts
Tockus erythrorhynchus nagmiensis [sic] Roberts, Ann. Transvaal Mus., 15, 1932, p. 25. (Maun, Ngamiland.)

exaratus v5:263
Penelopides exarhatus sanfordi (Stresemann)
Rhabdotorrhinus exaratus [sic] sanfordi Stresemann, Orn. Monatsb., 40, 1932, p. 111. (Masembo, 550 meters, Mengkoka Mountains, Celebes.)


An interesting little group. The diphthong in œnicaudus is not very well printed in Peters, IV, p. 55, but is visible under closer scrutiny in my copy. I am treating abessynicus, camerunense, ensiferus, porphyreolopha, rufidorsus, semicaeruleus, and westralasianus as new or additional definitions.
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