Brandon ... again


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Off to Brandon again yesterday. Sounds great dunit but its only about 6 miles away ;) Anyway, we had to call at Focus Optics on the way, well one well out of the way actually but Jan likes to buy the peanuts and seed from there for our garden feeders. So, there we were almost there and we disturbed a green woodpecker as we entered the drive way. Very nice spot coz its been a year or three since we've seen one.

From there off we went to Brandon and although the list isn't long, we were rather pleased that it includes a water rail, another long await re-appreance. I've seen them twice before at Brandon in the 8 or 9 years we've been going there. Her's the full list ofr yesterday ... as I say not big, there's only 15 on there, but very pleaseing anyway.

Green woodpecker
Common Sandpiper
Grey Heron
Wood pigeon
Water rail
Green Sandpiper
Black headed gull
Mute Swan
Comon tern


Here today, gone tomorrow
I must get down to Brandon again soon. Probably 6 weeks since I was last there, was starting to get quiet, perhaps things are starting to puckup again.


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no geese..............?

I haven't missed too much then while i've on away on my hols, the hobby were showing well from Carlton hide last time i was there.


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Nope ... no geese and no hobby either. It was only the water rail that made it worth while really. But as we're members of WWT then we might as well get our moneys worth I suppose. Things should start to pick up again I hope in a few weeks time.