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Brazil's newest birding paradise (1 Viewer)


Pantanal Bird Club
harpy eagle nest active on February 2016, crested eagle nest active in 2014, black-chested tyrant stakeout, peruvian recurvebill, manu antbird, pavonine quetzal, banded antbird, Alta Floresta antpitta, pompador cotinga and all southern Amazonian specialties found at Cristalino Lodge. Gateway by Alta Floresta. Located at Teles Pires river, has rooms with air-conditioning.


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Hi there,
I would also be interested, but it seems to me that some information is missing. What is the name of this lodge, and how can independent travelers contact it, for example do they have a website? Or is the only way to visit this lodge through the Pantanal Bird Club?
Obrigado! Jim


Pantanal Bird Club
Hi there,
This lodge is a former fishing lodge at the Teles Pires river, which due to the hydroelectric dams built around the area lost the fishing charm to hook the giants of the river such as pirarara (the largest cat fish in the Amazon) which prefers rapids not a lake. What was a loss for the owner in terms of investment became the dream for birdwatchers who were seeking desperately for an option to the now extremely expensive Cristalino Lodge. We wanted just another lodge which can offer nearly the same avifauna but to our surprise this place is even better, I could not believe when I visit the area last February and found a harpy eagle nest just five minutes by boat from the lodge itself. Then when locals saw our excitement took us to the former Crested eagle nest, and big eagles always re-use the nest! That was great but then find the mega-rare Black-chested tyrant in the same place was unbelieveable! No birdwatcher went there before us, so the list tends to grew at every visit. One field assistant came and asked about an antbird with massive bill just like the peruvian recurvebill we were trying to photograph, after seeing the field guides he pointed out a RECURVEBILL, we believe must to be Rondonia recurvebill! Birds are abundant there, and the facilities of the lodge are not luxurious but rooms with air-conditioning, great food, plenty of boats and plenty of forest left too. No canopy towers now, who knows if birders show up the owner may invest on one or two.
First thing we asked to the owner was to change the name of the fishing lodge to something it may represent better its new target clients: birders! So, a new name is coming and of course a new website with all the information should be necessary. We are also offering consultant on trail system and will start training some guides to take clients to the right spots (in case of independent travellers) but we are going to offer fixed departure tours for 2017 in weekly basis and for 2016 only private tours because our season is pretty busy. For further information on this new destination, please, send us an email at [email protected] and we will keep you informed with all details.
Great birding meanwhile.

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