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Bresser Condor 8x42 (1 Viewer)


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Hi to all!

2 weeks ago, I purchased a Bresser Condor in 8x42 configuration and was thinking to post a quick impression.
Now, I am in no way an expert in optics, just someone who uses optics daily and for many years.

It seems like Bresser is going through some evolution? Reeding some possitive reviews about their later new models (Condor, Pirsch and Pirsch ED),
while they used to sell cheapish and not so good optics before.
After reading 2 reviews (BBR and Birdwatching.uk), with a more than positive conclusion, I was in for a try and bought one.

I wasn't really sure of what to expect from a <200 euro Bresser binocular since I had some experience with 2 Bresser models, both possitive as negative.
My first pair of Bresser was a Bresser Everest 8x28. The one I bought was very sharp in the centre of the field but had NO diopter adjustement.. Strange..
This made them to be unuseful for me so after a while I contacted Bresser about them and they were willing to send me another example.
Within 1 week after I sended this first unit in, I received this new one.
This example was better and 'with' diopter adjustment but wasn't as sharp as the first and it didn't take long before the diopter started to drift away.
So again, I contacted Bresser and explained the problem, sended them back and again I received a new (3th) example.
Thankfully this one had no problems but after a while I got rid of it because the optics were just not good enough to be useful for me.

Next Bresser I tried was the Bresser Montana 8x25. Quite decent optics for the 250 euro's I payed, but to be honest and to my feeling, overpriced at the current 450-500 euro here in Europe. For that money I would just strech the budget a little and go for a Swaro CL or Zeiss Victory. Both of them are a clear step (or maybe 2) up from the Montana's (At least my example). But for the price I payed.. they were Ok.. I sold them to a friend and actually regretted a little bit after, since I found some good use for them.

So, no complaining about Bresser's service so far. A pitty about their weaker quality control and poorer optics.
This might be a story of the past if I have to believe their promises. A lifelong waranty is what they offer with all of the 3 lines.

So what about the new Condor? The box already looked good!
When I took them out, everything looked and felt good. They look quite good.
The armor is mat black and feels like some kind of hard rubber with a silvery-grey focus knob and diopter setting to the right oculair, even as the ring at the right oculair, all seemingly made out of some kind of lightweight metal. The texture of the armor is smooth, has a nice feel and the binocular itself feels slim when holding them to the eyes.
The eyecups have 4 settings, 1 fully down, 1 fully up and 2 intermediate possitions. I use them in both intermediate possitions, and put them to the eyebrows.
They are VERY good! When moving them, you can feel and hear them clicking into their right possition and I am sure they won't move. At least that is how they feel. Time will tell of course. It focusses anti-clockwise from near to infinity (in a little over 1.5 turns), turns buttery smooth and has to my taste a very good resistance, not too tight, not too loose. There is no free play and the focus itself is remarkably accurate. A small point of criticism is that the metal focusknob doesn't really provide the best grip and so I have to puch my finger a little harder to prevent sliding of. There is also a small plastic ring underneath the focusknob (probably for some protection) that sometimes sits in the way and feels a little bit cheapish. But both points aren't really bothersome.
The diopter adjustment is, lets say evenly smooth as the focusknob, without clickstops. So far it hasn't moved yet but again, we'll see in time how that goes.
This binocular feels light although it doesn't feel cheap. The scale tips 715gram. I can feel the difference in weight when comparing them to my Leica Trinovid (non-HD) 8x42.
The fit and finish of this pair is very good and way better than what I was expecting in a sub 200 euro pair of optics!
They also support a tripod adapter.

And what about the view?
Probably that is the most important aspect of every optical intstrument and they don't dissapoint!
Even more so, I am pleasantly surprised! No they are not in competition with my Trinovid, but for the price.. I have seen a lot worse!
What was striking when placing them to my eyes was the sharpness and contrast. It was all above my expectations.
I checked out the birds in our garden; Tits, Chaffinches, Collared doves and even a Firecrest where all beautifull and vibrant to observe through these Condors.
The view within its sweetspot isn't much behind optics costing 2 times more! That is what I can see and it is surprising!
The sweetspot though, isn't really big and neather is the field of view, but it is acceptable considering its pricepoint. I cannot focus the outer edges, so it is not sharp from edge to edge but the fall of is gradual and this makes that the edge softening isn't distracting. At least not for me! CA is there, I can see it but it is not dramatic. It becomes more visible when looking off axis. I can see CA in every binocular, no matter the brand. I guess it just doesn't bother me as much, maybe I am just not sensitive enough as some other people do.. Colours are definitely warm, and more reddish. I notice this when looking at a reedbed 100m away from here and it makes the reed look more orange than in reality. Brightness is Ok but I see a difference, even in daytime, when comparing to the Leica but it doesn't make the view look dull at all.
When I was out for the first time, they performed in a way I want a binocular to work. There was a lot of movement of migrating birds so I took the chance to test them in some more challenging circumstances. Meadow pipits, Reed buntings, Greenfinches and even Tundra Bean gees flying overhead where not an obstacle. I could see the striping on a Meadow pipits chest, the contrast between the darker heads and lighter chest of the Bean gees, it was all non of a problem...
But, there is one thing I noticed. When looking through the objective lenses, it seems like the place where these lenses are attached isn't painted at all.
It is a greyish coloured 'ring' wich reflects the light and reveals a glowing circle around the image. It doesn't affects the image but it can be annoying on bright days.
They should have painted this part black..

All in all, I think for the price of 174.5 euro, these are hard to beat! They have it all. Good image quality, fit and finish and a nice strap and softcase.
This gives me the idea that Bresser has done something to improve their quality of their products and I think it is a good move.
People who don't want to break their bank to buy some decent optics are going to be happy with a pair of these and if Bresser can keep their word with this lifetime warranty,
I can only think that they can grow in popularity amongst more and more people who are rediscovering nature again because of the lockdowns during covid times..

Thx for reading!



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Thanks for the review regarding the Condor by Bresser. I hope they continue to serve you and yes, that Bresser will continue the Warranty Service, - which these days change, usually to something more limited.
Nice Leica by the way.

Andy W.


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Nivado, thanks for the review, really informative and complete.
I've been getting more and more interested in Bresser binoculars (I have a small Bresser microscope, actually a magnifying glass. Does the job). The Bresser binoculars I've seen around here in Spain so far have been nothing special (the kind of special offer you see for 69.99 € at Lidl supermarkets). However, the Pirsch 8X56 looks interesting on paper (affordable and looks the part), and just a few days ago Allbinos published a positive review of the 8x42 Pirsch ED where the binoculars didn't perform awfully bad in any category of their tests. Your review has increased my interest in their line. I imagine that, like many other brands, Bresser sources their binoculars from a manufacturer in China. Given the multiple brands selling similar ranges of binos, it could be interesting to know if their different series (Condor, Pirsch, P ED) have a known match in other brand's catalogue.


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Andy, the Trinovids are really nice! Even after 7 years they still regularely give some 'wow' viewing.
And in fact, I still like them much enough to keep them instead of moving up to a Noctivid. The Noctivids are better but I don't feel the gap between them is big enough to justify another 1000€ extra. I rather spend some of that money to buy another pair:D.


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Yarelli, that is exactly what I mean. They are cheap, nothing special and there are probably always other and better options.
But I believe this Condor proofs the opposite. Time will tell ofcourse.
I also have been looking at the Pirsch ED's and have been reading this test at Allbinos.
They did not really had any slip ups according to them. Other reviews seem to confirm this since I havn't seen a bad review of this line yet.
Pretty sure they're made in China, as the multiple clones from other brands. But eventhough, they look quite good..
Maybe I try my luck on a pair of them in the future. 1 only have on 10x, and that 10x34 looks interesting.



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From all those 'Pirsch-like' clones, I tested the Bynolyt Traveller HD 10x42.
I think it was priced at 250€ and remember that, although the view wasn't spectacular, they did what they were supposed to do.
So that isn't a bad thing. For that price you can't expect more I guess. The Optika HD's wich I compared directly did felt like a step up for another extra 50€ (I liked the Optika's a lot!). The Bynolyt's really felt good in the hands with their open hinge design.
I guess all those different brands use different kind of glass and coatings in these clones? Are am I wrong?
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia

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