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Bunting and Flycatcher from Turkey (1 Viewer)


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Hi everyone,
Photographed these this morning near my house in Ankara.
I am torn between Rock and Cirl on the bunting. Few yellow feathering around wing bend and more extensive streaking suggest Cirl to me but this would be rather unusual here. Stumped.
The flycatcher, which unfortunately remained silent during our brief encounter, shows the warm brown upperparts of an E. Pied but the pale rump patch of a Collared. Similarly, the primary base patch on the left wing is perfect for E. Pied while the one on the right extends past the primary coverts and also apparently extends rather significantly to P5 (unless I'm counting the primaries wrong). Dare I suggest a hybrid?
Thanks in advance, hope everyone is well


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Juv.Cirl Bunting and F.hypoleuca for me kuzeycem, regarding range of the former they do appear to range from Western Turkey to the East according to Collins?


Alexander Stöhr

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A juvenile Cirl Bunting (and no Rock Bunting or Yellowhammer) for me, too. Head pattern, colours, spotted breast with streaks to the flanks and belly. Everything looks good to me.


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Thanks all. Ken: Cirl mostly has a coastal distribution in Turkey however it can be found in the northern and western fringes of Inner Anatolia (thus Ankara). However the habitat was a very poor fit for Cirl and the breeding areas of Cirl in Ankara are across the province from here. So I was a bit sceptical. But I am convinced now that this is a Cirl.

Re. Flycatcher, both Shirihai & Svensson and van Duivendijk mention Pied can show tiny white on P5 but this bird shows quite a lot I think (at least on its right wing).
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