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Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor (119877) Issues (1 Viewer)


New member
Camera is set for still photos only (i.e. no video) ...

The Capture Number is set to 3 but it captures only 2 per trigger (Image Size: High & Interval: 2S). It was capturing 3 per trigger when the Image Size was set to HD but since changing it to High it initially captured only 1 per trigger, then (after using Default Set then resetting) only 2 per trigger. The batteries are fresh and showing a full charge. I've also re-formatted the memory card but the issue persists.

The file metadata always gives the exposure time as 1 sec, the F-stop as 2.8 and the ISO speed as ISO-50 - is this normal? I'd expect at least one of these figures to vary according to the prevailing lighting conditions at the time of exposure. 1 second exposure time seems somewhat slow - no wonder animals tend to show as rather blurred, even in good lighting conditions! There also looks to be little or no improvement in image quality when 'upgrading' from the HD to the High setting - although the High file size is greater, as to be expected.

The Night Vision Shutter doesn't work very well; it's set to Auto but still gives a mixture of over and under-exposed images. Anyone know at what point (i.e. light value) the camera switches to Night Vision mode? I've also had a few daytime images come out in Night Vision mode - which seems strange?

Any help/ideas will be most wecome ... thanks.

Malcolm Stewart

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So, I am not alone having problems getting my Bushnell Trail Cam (basic model) to work. Most other cameras and camcorders etc., I have no trouble with, but my trail cam is in a different league. I've had some results, but haven't managed to repeat them, and the batteries were fine.

Have you tried contacting Bushnell? I think they have an office in the London area.


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I've used lots of Bushnells but not the Agressors. If it is taking two images when set to take three then it sounds like it is faulty. They generally have a 2 year warrenty and we have exchanged cameras under this on a couple of occasions (just by dealing direct with Bushnell in America - but I guess try through your retailer first).

A general point about image quality - I don't fully understand the technical side of it but the higher-resolution images are generally achieved by some form of interpolation. Essentially I think the camera uses an algorithm to invent pizels, so the file size is higher but you are not necessarily capturing any more actual detail. So might be worth sticking to medium resolution unless there is appears to be a significant drop off there.

In terms of when the night mode comes on, I don't know the critical light threshold, but it sometimes happens to our cameras if they are under a forest canopy on a dull day. Night mode pics and videos around dawn and dusk are often over-exposed too but I think one just has to tolerate this on the more basic models. Notably in video mode, the exposure will somethimes correct itself after the first secobd or two but maybe there isn't time for this to happen in still image mode.

Metadata - I've just checked some files from some of my images and the info is identical for each (including saying "no flash" for images where there clearly is flash). So I guess it can't be trusted.

Final suggestion - checking for firmware updates, which can sometimes fix minor glitches in operation.

Hope this helps


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