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Cambodia Feb 2019, Pt. 1 - Angkor Wat environs (1 Viewer)


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Just got back from a trip to Cambodia and Singapore and got a lot of quality bird watching done with at least 56 new lifers already identified. But I've also got a significant number of species which are either definitely or possibly new that I'm not familiar enough with the region to confirm the identities of. My Cambodia bird book is unfortunatly more of a beginners introduction than anything comprehensive and relying on my Thai book does give a starting point, but obviously not a substitute,

So apologies for the upcoming pile of threads, but homefully I'm going to be able to batch them up a bit by location. This first batch was seem around various temples at Angkor Wat and surroundings. Many, but not all I have other photos off, so should be able to provide those it necessary.

Thanks in advance!

So this first batch:
1: A drongo of some sort? Tail tip seems more rounded than most?
2. Ashy drongo?
3. Distinctive looking but not sure - a barbet sp. maybe?
4. Not really sure where to start? Prinia? Bulbul? Something else?
5. A flycatcher sp?


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    !C001 - Drongo sp..JPG
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The rest of the Angkor birds:

6. ?
7. Certainly seemed to be a flycatcher of some sort.
8. Another ashy drongo?


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2 & 8 - agree with Ashy Drongo.
3. Looks like a Coppersmith Barbet.
7. Could be a Grey-headed Canary-flycatcher. Hopefully someone else can confirm.

Sorry I'm not able to help with the others.


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I think:

1. Hair-crested Drongo
2. Ashy Drongo
3. Coppersmith Barbet
4. Streak-eared Bulbul?
5. Possibly Asian Brown Flycatcher?
6. Ashy Minivet
7. Grey-headed Canary-flycatcher
8. Ashy Drongo


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Agree with John Allcock's list; I suspect we saw Hair-crested Drongo in the very same flowering tree


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Thanks for the help! Seemed to jump in a bit at the deep end with drongos - had previously seen none and come back with 4!


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Just to rebump this a bit for re-evaluating one of the options, discovered that Swinhoe's Minivet is a thing - is there a reason why #6 would be Ashy rather than Swinhoes?

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