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Can somebody age a Mountain Plover - Upper Texas Coast (1 Viewer)

Mark B Bartosik

Well-known member
I found one Mountain Plover in rather off location for this bird to be in this part of Texas - Bolivar Peninsula (on December 14, 2014). Photos are GPS tagged so one can see the exact location. I would like to hear your opinion on the age of this individuals to confirm (or correct) my guess - below are links to photos showing this bird from all angles.

And the video clip

BTW this was sort of weird day as a few kilometers away (in straight line), in another part of Galveston Bay (on Texas City Dike) I found HY Black-legged Tikkiwake, gull that shows up in Texas from time to time but it is still on the review list. Unfortunately bird swallowed fish line so might not last too long.

Thanks in advance for your input on the plover age.




Well-known member
I don´t know much about Mountain Plover Mark but given the rather worn coverts and tail and a lower tertial+ broad buff tipped scapulars mixed with white tipped ones I´d say that your bird is a non juvenile. Juveniles seems to keep their juvenile plumages througout the first year and has narrower fringed scapulars with dark subterminal bar + a more uniform plumage. Great pic as usual Mark.


Mark B Bartosik

Well-known member
Thanks Larry, this is my guess as well. At least now.

And thanks Jan (great to hear from you), I see your points as well but how you explain a few things. Look at the crop I attached to this post now - how you will explain that in December this bird seems to be in active molt. The other plovers I am familiar with are long done with prebasic molt (I am not familiar with Mountain at all) and only HY are in active, preformative molt now. Prealternate molt is another cup of tea so I will leave that one alone (according to literature in Mountain it is limited-partial, and won’t start before February anyway). Also, I see no S1-P1 contrast among a few other things.

Again will appreciate and value more comments on this subject

All the best,



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