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Can Someone Identify This Fledgling And Recommend What To Do? (1 Viewer)


Can Someone Please Identify This Fledgling And Recommend What To Do?

My husband was cutting down a pergola today, and mentioned something flying away in a panic. When he successfully cut it down and let it fell, he inspected it further before cutting it down into smaller pieces. There in a very thin nest was what looked to be a very sickly mother bird determined to protect whatever egg may still be underneath. But I looked closer. This half foot ball of fluff had very strange tail feathers. I recognized what they were. This was not an adult. This was a rather large fledgling!

Anyway, I was curious if anyone could tell me what type of bird it might be and what we should do. I told my husband that he was done for today, and that we would check back tomorrow. We think the bird that left in a panic was the parent, though he did not see. The fledgling, which looked petrified with fear, appears ready to leave the nest any day now. Judging by the pic, how long do you think that may be? Is it likely the parent will return and help move the child?


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Speak softly and carry a long lens
That's a pigeon or dove -- several species to choose from in Texas, but somebody here will probably have a good idea which one.

Fledglings are too big for parents to carry them, so moving it is up to either the bird itself, or human intervention. But that's probably not necessary. As long as it's safe from cats and somewhat hidden from predatory birds, it should be fine where it is - parents will find it and feed it. It looks like it's only a few days from leaping out of the nest, at which point it would normally lurk under nearby bushes for a a few days while the parents continue to feed it.

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