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Can you point me in the right direction? (Lake district, England) (1 Viewer)


There is a bird, close to where I am holidaying. I am in a remote area, with nothing but farmland and hills close by. Every now and then I hear this strange bird call...but I can't see it as there is a wall of greenery between me and it.

It sounds like a cross between a duck/goose/chicken but a bit higher pitched...or as my daughter says "A screaming duck!"

I am not asking anyone to identify on the poor information I have given. Every time I try to record it, it stops or moves too far away! However, I thought on the basis of its sound, it might be fowl/game bird. The closest I have come to is a pheasant. It sounds a bit like a pheasant.

If anyone can give me any other bird calls to listen to, I would be most grateful. I am an absolute beginner so please be gentle with me :)

I checked out grouse, caipercallie, quail....none of them sound like what I heard. Pheasant is the closest. However, I come across pheasant all the time at home and I have never heard them sound quite like I have heard whatever tonight.

Oh, and they seem to have a thing with dusk and dawn! And no...it is not a cockeral :)
Thank you, I looked up the sound a buzzard makes....but no, it was not a buzzard. I am going to have to get myself to the other side of the greenery tomorrow and see if I can see it!
Hi, Your description (especially the chicken part) makes me think Pheasant. Have you definitely ruled that out?
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Have you considered a Heron. Normally calls once or twice in flight, but then stops, so would be difficult to record unless you see it take off.
I did think peacock but I have heard them many times before and never like this. I have sat all night tonight and listened for it and typically it didn't make an appearance! I am going home tomorrow, so may never know :)

I haven't ruled out pheasant. It is my best bet so far. However, I am going to listen to the calls of the birds suggested and see if any of those sound similar. Although I have come across pheasant at home, I don't normally get as close to them, or up until recently, have I paid too much attention to them. I think it may be pheasant.
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I went for a walk today in a different part of the country. I heard the same call. It was a pheasant. :) I can't believe that this bird, that I have come across so many times, I have paid such little attention to! It is like discovering a whole new world. :)
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