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Canon 1DX mk 2 or Canon R5 ? (1 Viewer)


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I guess it’s very subjective but being caught in two minds I would welcome the thoughts of others.
A friend of mine is selling his Canon 1DX mk 2 which I’m very tempted with.
However I’m also very interested in the prospect of the Canon R5 which we are slowly getting more details on and am really stuck between the two options.
My primary use will be for Wildlife Photography and my staple lenses at the moment are the 500mm EF f4 and the EF 100-400 .
Although very tempted by the 1DX I cant but help feel things are very much moving in the Mirrorless market and ultimately this may be the way forward.
Although a lot has been said or speculated about the video capabilities of the R5 my main use will be for stills although video will be useful for sure.
One of the features of Mirrorless which I’m attracted too is the near silent operation and I think is something that is hardly mentioned.
Certainly I know from past experience that when working from a hide the noise of the shutter ( even on silent mode ) can often spook wary birds or animals so is a feature that although not critical for me is an attractive prospect.
Given the above and what we know thus far about the forthcoming R5, I would just be interested in the views concerning the choice between these two cameras for the Wildlife Photographer.

Many Thanks.


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The details on the R5 are very tasty and as you say mirror less is going to be the future so I think we will all end with one eventually. The R5 will also be a lot lightly as well which will help on the long days out in the field, plus with the proposed 100-500 zoom lens would make an ideal partner if you ever plan up grading your 100-400

If you can wait I myself would wait till the R5 comes out I believe June is now the proposed release date although only limited numbers I believe are going to be released and Canon even have a few more mirror less systems in the pipeline.

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