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Canon 60D and lenses/teleconverters (1 Viewer)


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Hello all. I'm currently using a Canon 60D with a 300mm f/4L IS prime lens and a 1.4x teleconverter.

I'm looking at upgrading to a Sigma 150-600mm f/5‑6.3 DG OS or a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II.

Will I be able to use a 1.4x teleconverter on these lenses?


Barred Wobbler

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I can't comment on the 60D as I use a 7DII, but I use it with a Sigma 150-600 Sport that I bought in April 2015. Before that my lens of choice was my Canon 400/F5.6 and shortly before I got the Sigma I bought a Canon 1.4 Mk3 to go behind the 400.

When I got the Sigma I was delighted with it and I still am, but when I tried it in front of the Canon teleconverter I couldn't get a clean focus. It was beyond the range of the micro-adjustment on the 7DII, even at +20. I tried the Sigma dock to extend the microfocus, but still not enough adjustment. The combination did work fine on Live View focus, but the autofocus just ran out of room. I even ordered a Sigma 1.4TC, but I got the same soft results and sent it back.

I read on Birdforum that others were having good results with the same combination so I got in touch with Canon. They didn't want to know. The word 'Sigma' gave them shivers. Then a firmware update for the 150-600 came out that was supposed to improve the autofocus, so I installed it. Bad move. When I put the Canon Tc on between the lens and the camera the lens just stopped talking to the camera and a message came up on the screen to tell me that I needed to attach a lens! I did some googling and others on a Sigma forum were having the same compplaint.

I got in touch with Sigma to see if there was a fix, but all they were interested in was selling their own TCs and they weren't interested in getting their lenses to talk to Canon TCs. I've had at least one firmware update, maybe two since then and the result is the same. The lens is fine, but the Canon Mk3 Tc stays in the cupboard.
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As far as I know you will only be able to use and extender/teleconverter in manual focus or live view modes with the 60D and those lenses. To use extenders with auto-focus you will need an F4 lens (1.4) or an F2.8 lens (1.4 and 2x).

Neil G.

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Hi Mick,
Personally,i would'nt use a teleconverter on either of the lenses you are considering.Using a converter on a zoom lens won't give you optimum quality,depending on your own view of optimum quality of course.
You also loose lens speed as the f stop is affected which means that you may have to increase iso speed to compensate.......as the two lenses in question are'nt particularly fast,this can be an issue.
Teleconverters are really only good on fast prime lenses......they do work on zooms but for me personally,i cant live with the compromise in quality.
If you are going to get one of the lenses you mention,go for the sigma (the sport version).This gives you the extra reach over the canon, albeit with a stop slower aperture,but the extra optical reach is a distinct advantage here.You will get great results with this lens and as long as you still get close to your subject,600mm is enough reach without using a tc.
Failing that,save up for a larger focal length used canon prime lens if possible.This will give the best quality possible,even with your tc attached.
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Thanks all

Thanks for all the suggestions & sharing experiences. If I do purchase the Sigma I won't use an extender. I'm still deciding.

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