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canon 7d with which lens (1 Viewer)


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I have just purchased a cannon 7D mk1 and I'm looking for a good lens.

I have been look at 3 lens but would like any advice you guys can give me.

I aiming to do birds in flight shots which is my main target. the 3 lens I have been looking at are;
Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD Lens
Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Lens
Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Lens

Any advice which one is best. I mostly take pictures of birds of prey so some aren't so close.

Cheers guys

Robin Edwards

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I have a 7d mk1 and option 3 of your three choices and for BIF, I haven't been disappointed in terms of what I can capture.

Given the chance, a 7d mk2 and the Mk2 100-400 would be better though :)


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Option 2 - the 400mm/5.6L. If you buy the 100 - 400 you are going to be using it at the 400mm end. The fixed lens is a better lens than the 100-400mm at 400mm. The perceived flexibility of the zoom is much over-rated for what you are going to be doing. Get the best option and be done with it.


Another vote for the Canon 400 F5.6 L.
It's just a great lens at a reasonable price, especially second hand!

Roy C

Occasional bird snapper
Having used all three lenses here is my 2p's worth:-
I certainly prefer the 400/5.6 over the 100-400 MkI. I have also owned the Tamron 150-600 but my recommendation to you would be the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary. It is better than the Tammy IMO (which I owned for 6 months).
The 400/5.6 is a superb lightweight lens but if you are shooting long distance stuff then the Siggy 150-600 C beats it easily IMHO. I owned both the 400/5.6 and 150-600 at the same time for several months and did several 'tests' - Shooting the same birds from the same distance and then cropping the 400/5.6 to the same FOV as the Siggy at 600mm - in all cases the Siggy yielded better fine detail. I also tried the 400/5.6 + 1.4x tc against the 150-600 at around 560mm and again the 150-600 was best and also faster focussing. Shooting both at 400mm the 400/5.6 is best but not by a lot - if you are hand holding then for me the 3 or 4 stop OS of the Siggy makes it a better lens even at 400 mm.
Having shot probably 100k of shots with the 400/5.6 I am its biggest fan but these new third party 150-600 lenses are a boon for anyone who wants a relatively cheap and light weight 600mm lens.
I have also used the Siggy 150-600 C with a 1.4x tc giving 840mm - AF slows down of course (used it on the7D2 and 5D3) but is well usable - I do like to use a tripod when using this combo but results a surprising good considering you are at f9.
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Lee Davis Wildlife Photography
Canon 400mm


I have owned and used both the fixed canon 400mm and the 100-400mm. The fixed 400mm for me was the better quality lens, and photographing wildlife you will be using the larger end of the scale most of the time. My 100-400 was not as sharp as the fixed, however mine may have been just a soft one as others out there have fantastic clear crips results.

If you can find a good 100-400 the versatility of this lens gives you more options for E.G if the subject comes toward you, you can just zoom back a bit, with the 400 a few steps back are required. Saying that I have a canon zoom lens and my experience is that having to move back/zoom out does not happen too often.

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