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Just a few additions (mainly to Overread's excellent post): While probably the best (but also more expensive) choice for nervous critters, the 150/180 macros need an adapter if you wish to fit a dedicated macro flash. Also, the longer lenses are more demanding with respect to hand-holding skills.
Yes, many general zooms have fine "near macro" abilities. I have loads of good butterfly and dragonfly shots from my EF100-400L. BUT none of those lenses give you a background blur that is anywhere near what a true macro will give you (even stopped down to f8-11) - especially in tricky situations. The quality of the background blur is an often over looked aspect of macro photography.



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If it's true macro work your after I'd save the money on tubes and look for a s/h macro lens which come up FS fairly frequently.

EDIT: If you hurry there's one FS now at a great price.

What's the s/h stand for?? I don't think it's shipping and handling, but that's all I can come up with!

Oh, and while I'm at it, what does o.n.o. mean? Those of us in the Colonies say OBO, or best offer...


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Yes, sorry. This internet speak is getting out of hand, or should that be OOH! ;)

Just realised too that as your on the other side of the pond most things sold on here won't find their way to you. But ebay or the like should have plenty for you to choose from. Or you could post a 'wanted' thread and you might get some interest that way.


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