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I will be in Philadelphia next week and am planning a two-day jaunt down to the Cape May area. I will probably arrive in the area around 10:00 and head back to Philly the next day around mid-afternoon. From what I've read, Jake's Landing and Delaware Bay areas might be good at this time of year, particularly for Bald Eagle.

Given the short daylight hours at this time of year I would welcome any thoughts on how best to spend the time. Apart from the B/Eagle I don't really have any other targets.

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I do not have extensive expieience at Cape May but I am sure this will be one of the best places in the State for this time of year. I always like the trails at Higbee Beach in Cape May , good for overwintering Passerines and Raptors . The NJ Audubon Society has an office in Goshen , NJ. which is excellent for hummingbirds and sometimes gets a rare westen species in the winter. I also recommend Brigantine NWR which is about 40 north of Cape May , alot of different habitat here . Great year round birding especially for shorebirds , you could get Northen Bobwhite and possibly an Owl there .Here is a link\

Also, keep a close eye on the reports on this New Jersey Birding page , reports for serious and knowledgeable area birders :

good luck and feel free to ask more

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