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carrion Crow? (1 Viewer)

Michał Jaro

Well-known member
Is it possible to recognize this bird - also in the field I did not see gray colors? Black crow ?
Observation from two days ago, Poland


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Well-known member
By 'black crow', I guess you mean what is normally called carrion crow.
Where in Poland is this? - it's a big place, and carrion crow should occur (I guess) only in the far south-west.
It doesn't seem to be a raven.
I can't rule out it being a rook.
You would need to edit the photo to check for any sign of it being hooded crow.

Alexander Stöhr

Well-known member
Hello Michal,

I dont know if this is your question, but: imo its no
  • Jackdaw: wrong shape, wings to broad and not rounded, too large in realtion to body and wrong bill
  • Raven: tail too short, bill too small and wings appear not long and "fingered" enough
  • Rook: many have a fuller, longer, slightly wedgeshaped bill and a different bill-shape. (yes, bill-shape is whishful thinking with these "from-behind" views).

So its either a Hooded or a rare Carrion Crow or an hybrid for me, I agree with Butty.
I get the feeling, that a pure Hooded Crow with ID-friendly pale grey areas would be visible in these pictures.
As others mentioned in other threads here, there are Hooded Crows with a more or less "normal" pattern, but darker grey areas. I dont know what to make of them, too.
But I dont think, you can exclude one of those "Carrion Crow" lookalikes hybrids with these pictures. I have posted some of them here before, but I am still looking for a "phaenotypical" pure-looking Carrion Crow, where only some moddeling on the undertail-coverts are proof of hybrid origin/intogression.

And I agree with Butty: location is very helpful here

Michał Jaro

Well-known member
Thank you very much for your help. The place is southern Poland, I already had a carrion here (sorry for my mistake). Brightening the photo does not get you anything, you can't see anything gray on the bottom.
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