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Catbird in a Nest House (birdhouse) (1 Viewer)


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My children purchased a cam and birdhouse for Christmas, which we set up in March. We live in the Northeast (specifically, Canandaigua Lake area).
So far no nesting action, but a catbird has been flying in and out of the birdhouse the last few days.
It is my understanding that they do not typically nest in a birdhouse (yes?), so wondering why this little creature keeps flying in and out?
Is it possible it will nest in there?
I have attached a photo (hope I did this correctly)
Thanks for any replies.


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    catbird 1 2020-05-06_19-14-41.jpg
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KC Foggin

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Hi Chris and a warm welcome to you from a former New Yorker and those of us on staff here at BirdForum :t:

"Catbirds usually build nests on horizontal branches hidden at the center of dense shrubs, small trees, or in vines, including dogwood, hawthorn, cherry, rose, elderberry, grape, honeysuckle, and blackberry. Nests are typically around 4 feet off the ground, but may be on the ground or as high as 60 feet."

It could have been looking for a warmer spot or less windy perhaps.

If it does nest in the box, it would be quite a rarity and you guys may become famous ;)


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Hi, thank you for your reply. That was also my understanding (re. where catbirds tend to nest), but this little critter has been repeatedly visiting. I think perhaps it is nesting nearby and may be looking to "kick out" anyone who may be encroaching. Time will tell. I hope this little guy does not scare off potential nesters.


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Hello fellow bird lovers. Initially, I thought our little visitor was a catbird, but a better look at her and I am pretty convinced she is a house wren. Would you agree. She has been visiting a little more and bringing in sticks. Does this mean she will likely build her nest in the box? I have some videos, and can share links if that is allowed. Here is a photo of her.
Thanks again,


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