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Celestron Granite 7x33? (1 Viewer)


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A recent offering of ED/phase/dialectric bins in their line for $320 (street price).

Anyone know anything at all about these, who makes them, etc.?
Well, obviously Celestron makes them! :p

I tried these briefly at an optics fair. I also owned the 10x42 Granites for a while.

The Granites as a whole are typical of "open bridge Chinese ED" binoculars. They offer very nice centerfield optics for the dollar, I found the 10x42's to be exceptionally bright and sharp in the center, but like their brethren they degraded badly at the edges and have a lot of pincushion. The build quality however is very nice for the price, they include a harness as well as a nice hard case, and the focus knob is very smooth if a bit too slow for my tastes.

The 7x33 is fairly exceptional for having an ultra-wide FOV that is really unmatched out of something like the 7x36 Zen-Ray ED2. My recollection of the 7x33 is that the sweet spot was surprisingly large; I expected much quicker fall-off given the wide FOV. However, the edges of course aren't great. But the optics are quite nice in the center, again bright and sharp, and they are somewhat more compact and lighter than the 42mm Granites.

If you are looking for an ultra widefield 7x model at a budget price, they are certainly a contender, although I'd take a long look at the 7x36 Zen-Ray ED2 model too. The Zen is a bit longer and heavier but is a proven performer with a lot of fans on this site.

If you don't care about weight then the newer 7x43 ED3 is even better by all accounts.

If you just want a really nice compact widefield, I'd wait to see how the new 8x30 Nikon Monarch 7 shakes out. Pretty attractive at $379mrsp: http://www.nikonsportoptics.com/en/Nikon-Products/Binoculars/7579/MONARCH-7-8x30.html
Well, having the 6.5x32 Furys I already have a wide field, low power bin. I was just curious about these because at the price point, they appear to offer a lot.

Like so many bins, if I want to look at them I have to order a pair and then go through the return process if they aren't suitable.

I wouldn't contradict Eitan's comments, but personally I was disappointed. The sample I tried wasn't particularly sharp, and the contrast wasn't great. I was comparing it to my Opticron 7x36, and while the FOV was excellent by comparison, there wasn't much difference in the usable field.

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Yes, they would be for me but I was interested when I read about them as so many of us are interested in lower power bins.
I briefly tried a pair of Celestron Granite 7x33. I won´t with a long review as I didn´t have them long enough. They were sharp, warm-biased (especially the greens), not as bright as EII 8x (not much is), FOV almost as wide as EII, very comfortable and easy viewing. Sweet spot not overly wide, and the open-bridge design didn´t suit my hands. The main bridge is too wide and forces my long finger out of its natural resting position around the barrel (only two fingers fit in the gap). This was a "deal-breaker" for me, unfortunately. It comes with a bino-harness, which is nice, but not really necessary for a bino of this size, unless there are neck or back problems to contend with. All in all, very good value, reminded me of Sightrons except in 7x (although more comfortable to hold than those).
To my knowledge all of the Celestron lines (Granite, Trailseeker, Nature DX) are made in China. I'd say the 7 x 33 Granite has some positive attributes, but the warm bias with a yellowish cast along with the average ergonomics doesn't even make it one of Celestron's best. I found their 8 x 42 Trailseeker (which is cheaper) to be significantly better in all aspects (FOV slightly more narrow, but still considerable at 426'). If you're specifically targeting 7x, then I'd take a look at the 6.5 x 32 Meopta Meopro which I found to be more user friendly than the Granite (better image as well).
After this thread first died out, I tried a 7x33. I was very disappointed in them as they had a very strong yellowish color bias. Moreso than any other bino I've ever used. There was also something wrong with the entire right half of the right barrel, so they had to go back. Because of the color bias, I did not order a replacement.
The comments surrounding the Granite 7x33 remind me very much of comments that floated around about one of the Vortex models a year or two ago. I think it was the 8x32. There was a great deal of interest in it when it was originally announced. Huge field of view and in a compact, open bridge design. When they debuted though folks questioned the field of view originally listed and comments about a yellow color bias to the image.

I wonder if there is a correlation with the Granite in terms of the original design/manufacturing choices.
After that last comment Sancho you are now on my poop list! Where is that poop list feature button?


Hey, far out! I´ve never been on a poop-list before! (What´s a poop-list?) I think the Sightrons were a bit more uncomfortable to hold because of the odd placement of the lugs. But I don´t have the Sightrons anymore so it´s a retrospective and therefore pointless comparison. One thing, though, about open-bridge binos...I hate when they don´t have enough room for three fingers to wrap ´round a barrel, i.e. with index finger on focusser. If there´s only room for two fingers, or if you have to wrench a knuckle to move a finger away from a bridge, the open-bridge design is pointless. Swaro open-bridge designs are a different kettle o´fish altogether, beautifully designed to fit actual human hands (well mine at least).
I´d love to give Meopta 6.5x32 a go. Not available here though. And I´m done buying binos online.
I´d love to give Meopta 6.5x32 a go. Not available here though. And I´m done buying binos online.

If you haven't already got one give the Viking 6.5x32 MD a try. I bought it over the Meopta and use it regularly. I think it's still under 120 Euro (originally 350 Euro), or half of that pre-owned. But I guess the Meopta may be better in freezing weather, perhaps I'll get one just for that. Best wishes,
Yeah ya could have, especially if it was one of those kind gentlemen from the other side of the pond. Their "slang" ain't the same as ours. ;)
Bob, Frank, "... tackled by the mods ...", "... could have ...". Not sure that deserved it. Removed my response, too. But "poop deck" might be offensive to Sancho for <another reason>!
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