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Cheapest pocket binoculars? (1 Viewer)


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We're off to Egypt soon and I don't want to risk getting our swaros bins confiscated - unlikely but still I don't want the worry. We're going to see the archaeological sites but thought there might be a bird or two.
So, what is the cheapest 10x25 or 8x21 etc pocket binocular I should consider buying off Amazon or Ebay or UK retailer that isn't just flushing the cash away? :D
£2 at a charity shop.

8x21 or 10x25 glass optics not plastic optics.

Check carefully first.

Even buy two to be safe.

They will not survive a drop from a Pyramid, or even from 7ft. onto the hard kitchen floor.

Have their been reports of confiscation of optics upon entering Egypt?
On the link I put in.
I normally would prefer a lesser pocket binocular than a monocular for general ease of use, but given the situation with Egyptian customs, this might be a case where a monocular might get past the import restriction. Just don't pack two next to each other or the customs officials might still impound them!
I guess they cost more somewhere else. I thought it said $150.
Good luck, perhaps better to buy in country.
Thanks. Yeah it's showing a higher price in the UK.
But I've got a pair of Swaro 10x25 and just wanted something I wouldn't mind leaving behind if necessary. :)
Any older Nikon or Minolta 10x25.

Double hinge as they fold small.

They perform well even though not as bright as expensive binoculars.

But they must be physically tested, so maybe a store that sells used binoculars or a pawn shop.

I saw comet Halley from a 747 cockpit front window at 37,000 ft mid Atlantic and the view was fine in the Minolta 10x25.

I have carried various 10x25 for years.

The Docter 10x25 I have is excellent, but I wouldn't want to lose it, so would take the Nikon, Minolta, Pentax and various others that I don't mind losing.

None were expensive.

And they were much more user friendly than the Swarovski and Leica 10x25 that just flop around because they just fold up.



Maybe Castle Cameras Salisbury, Ace Optics Bath or nearby LCE have something suitable.
The Vanguard Orros 8x25 are a good value under $50 in a pocket binocular, and if the Egyptians don't confiscate them, they will still work pretty good at home. The ER is only 12.5 mm, so they won't work with glasses. The picture and link are from Adorama. They are on sale right now.

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Pretty much any of the "Wall E" looking nikon vintage reverse porros will be perfectly usable in good condition and shouldn't run you more than $30. I really like my Venturer II's but even my ~25 year older "Look"s are better than nothing and have an all metal build.
Thanks everyone, I shall get searching the net. When I travel I will stash them in my hold luggage (as recommended by the tour company) along with my small 'Common Birds of Egypt' book and try not to look too shady! :D I'm really looking forward to the trip.
In the UK it may be easier to pick up a pair of Opticron MCF 7x24 - I bought mine on ebay for about £30. The view through them, for the price, is quite astonishing. They work very well with glasses too if that is a consideration. Field of view is around 130m, and the exit pupil (3.4mm) with the lower mag and slightly larger objectives makes eye placement pretty easy. They weigh under 250 grams, so you won't even notice them in your luggage.

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