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Cheapy little home-made binocular harness works great! (1 Viewer)

Rob from Texas

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I was searching for the end of the internet the other night and found this:

The guy does a great job of explaining how to make a harness from paracord and few items.
After watching it, I realized that I had the paracord and extra items.
I made 3 in 30 minutes. I tested them today. Happy to report they work very well indeed.

If you want to give it a try, there are some expanded tips I discovered.

1) 550-type Paracord varies. Get a slightly thicker one. Or,...pick the one with the roughest texture.
Size and texture help a firmer hold of the little black adjuster do it's job correctly.

2) Starting with 9' of paracord works best for me. (36-38 chest). Even with that, I end up trimming a tad at the completion.

3) Make the initial loop knot small, with only a 1/4 inch opening or less. This keep the little black adjuster from falling ever back through later.

4) There's an advantage here that may not be emphasized in the video.
When first putting on the harness, before you adjust it to the sentry position, the harness is long with your bino sagging almost to your belt buckle.
With your arms through the harness, grab the extra slack of a single cord (each side) and wrap around the binocular lower barrels.
They will now stick to you like glue and raise the carry height. Later if you see something, just flick off the barrel's loop and you are in business.
Of course, the adjusted high and tight method with no barrel loops furnishes the best view stability, but that's two options.

5) Have fun
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I ditched regular straps a while back and have been using gutted paracord for all my binoculars other than the RYO Harness on my Leica 7x42. I find the RY is a bit better on larger/heavier optics, probably because of the slight elasticity of the cord which helps distribute the weight better.

I dislike neck straps, even the cushiest create neck strain for me, and I’ve always preferred bandolier style or harness. The paracord and some cord stoppers makes for a quick and easy strap that can be easily adjusted for length. My favorite part is how light and non-bulky the system is, I can easily wrap it around the bino and stuff into the case unlike some big strap or harness.

Also, makes it fun for the kids since they can choose their colors!

Rob from Texas

Well-known member
The barrel-swivel is just fishing line terminal tackle. The size I had on hand were about 3 inches long. Perhaps a tad smaller would work as well.

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Rob from Texas

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Update: I switched Eagle Claw size 10 barrel snaps. They look the same but are slightly lighter and 2.5 inches in length. I swapped out because the 3 inch size is very uncomfortable to snap open and close. (Unless you are going to do infrequently) This smaller size 10 works fine to fit the standard bino stud. The 3 inch size might be needed for certain builds (rubber contoured and covered studs i.e. Endeavor ED 4 etc..)


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Hi Rob from Texas,

I really like your harness Idea!
We were relatively poor as kids so had to cook up all kinds of hand made gadgets as a replacement for the store bought stuff. Now of course I can afford a Rick Young harness or any other commercially available product but making things is in the blood and its too late to change now.

So here’s my homemade harness. It’s soft double braid yacht Dacron with a “Double Alpine Butterfly knot” for adjustment along with a couple of hand sewn straps with Peak Design’s quick release clips. The knot can be fine tuned in length but not as easily as a rope compression lock button of course but manageable.
I like the idea of hanging a 2000 dollar plus binocular off it, makes me feel downright naughty 😅


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Rob from Texas

Well-known member
That looks nice! I'll have to research this Alpine knot a bit.
BTW, finding a blanket with the words Alpine knot and an arrow must have been tough. (JK)

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