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Chickadee I.D (1 Viewer)


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Hello ,
I live within a mile or two of the seperation line between the Carolina and Black-Capped Chickadee ranges. Could anyone take a good look at these and tell me what species you think they are?
They are very small and extremely active.


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In a book I was reading it said on average the Black-caps have a more ragged bib versus an even clean-cut bib for the Carolinas. Photo one looks like the bib is a little uneven/ragged. Photo 3 looks like he's been in a bar room brawl.
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The bird is so scruffy overall that I wouldn't like to make a call based on the bib. How would it look if the bird were neat and pristine, I wonder? That said photo #1 does show that the greater coverts have pale outer webs that contrast with the darker inner webs and with the rest of the wing and that favours Black-capped. Carolina Chickadees are more uniform in this area. A trawl through the Gallery will give an idea of the variation, but here are two photos that may help as a starting point:

Carolina Chickadee
Black-capped Chickadee


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stephennj said:
here's one more shot from the same day

Another pointer towards it being a Black-capped Chickadee is the entirely white cheek patch. A Carolina would show more gray on the nape.

Terry O'Nolley

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I would guess Black-capped. I see Carolina Chickadees every day here and this bird looks different somehow, but the exact reasons why escape me. Maybe this is just saying that the jizz isn't right for Carolina.


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It's a little easier in spring when they sing more, but apparently we have birds that sing both songs. I am also on the line. Picture 1 looks OK for Black Capped.


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I say Carolina based on the color of the stomach. Carolina Chickadees have an overall fainter color.

In addition, look a this picture I took of a Black-capped Chickadee in Boston.


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