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Chile December 2009 Part 1 (1 Viewer)


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Hello ,

I was the 3. time in Chile, but the first time for birding.
It is a hard decision where to go because the high variaty of beautiful landscapes in Chile.
My interesting are landscapes, birds, other wildlife and plants.

So I decided to stay in a smaller area around Santiago and 500 km south, instead of far north south and central Chile.

Additional I was in Argentina, a big contrast from the rain forest area in lake area.
This was a very impressive experience how ( extreme ) change the landscape so close behind the mountains.

Start was in the mounatins near Santiago.
First 2 nights in Farrelones about 2500 m over see level.
There are some tree and gardens ( weekend houses ) with a variaty of birds.
The most suprising was the South American Snipe in this altitude.
I mad also tours to mountain area of La Parva until 3000 m.
There I saw e.g. Condors, White faced Ibis ( 2800 m ), Mountain Caracaras and a Tarantula near to the snow area.

From there I visited also Yerbo reserve with nice plants and different bird life.

Next I visted Lampa Reserve the best place for Painted Snipe in Chile.
But in this time it was already dry for the Painted Snipe, but still a good varity of other birdlife e.g. Great Egret, Cocoi Heron, Black crowned Heron, Cinerous Harrier, White backed Stilt, Wren like Rush Bird and Many Colored Rush Tyrant.

The follow La Campana National Park where can be found 6 of 9 endemic birds of Chile.
The way to the entry was a little bit tricky to found, but with the alway helping people in Chile, finally no problem. I found e.g. Giant Hummingbird, Chilean Flicker, Chilean Mockingbird, Striped Woodpecker, Crag Chilia, Dark billed Cinclodes, Dusky tailed Canastero, Black chested Buzzard Eagle and Long tailed Meadow Lark.

At the coast in Horcon I found a nice accomodation near the beach.
It was an excellent point fot watching sea birds like Peruvian Pelican, Peruvian Booby, Neotropic Cormorant, Kelp Gull Blackish Oystercatcher but also Night Herons , Turkey + Black Vultures , Great Grebe, Black Simmer and many Whimbrels was there.

On the way to south I passed a small reserve in Velanec. Cattle Egrets, Spectacled Duck, Yellow billed Pintail, Cinnemon Teal, Spot flanked Rail and White Winged Coat was there.

Next interesting area was in Concon with about 200 Whimbrels, 20 Spectacled Ducks, 10 Black Skimmer and also Chileon Wigeon, Southern Lapwing, Lesser Yellowleg, White winged Coat, Band Sandpiper, Kelp Gull, Austral Negrito, Grasland Yellow Finch and White tufted Grebe.

At Aconcagua River I saw first time Inca Tern and also many other birds like Brown hooded Gull, Peruvian Pelican, Lesser + Greater Yellowleg, Grey Gull, Common Tern, Elegant Tern, Black Skimmer and Snowy Plower.

I stayed in Renaca. In the evening a saw Night Heron, Magellan Oystercatcher, Turnstones at the beach when I looked for the dinner place.
It is a pleasure to travel in such a country.

Best regards



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more pictures


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again more pictures


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