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Chlorocharis emiliae (1 Viewer)

James Jobling

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Grinding inexorably through my MS and the HBWAlive Key I have stumbled upon a glaring error regarding this eponym. I have amended the entry as follows, but would appreciate readers' further thoughts or evidence, especially in respect of John Whitehead's family.
● Female eponym; dedication not given (Sharpe 1888); probably after a relative of John Whitehead, the explorer and collector, or of Richard Bowdler Sharpe himself (e.g. his wife Emily Sharpe (b. 1843)) (Jobling 2010, and Beolens et al., 2014, are both in error; Emilie Hose (b. 1879) wife of English naturalist and collector Charles Hose, was only nine at the date of the description) (Chlorocharis).


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In The Eponym Dictionary of Birds Beolens et al., 2014 wrote:

Mrs Emily Eliza Sharpe née Burrows (1843-1928) was the wife (1867) of R.B. Sharpe

...but for the Grey-headed Negrofinch Nigrita canicapillus emiliae Sharpe, 1869.

Just a guess maybe a daughter of Sharpe with the name of the mother? The plate of the bird here is no help either. Same as OD as already mentioned by James.


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From wikipedia:
On December 3, 1867 he married Emily Eliza, daughter of J. W. Burrows of Cookham dedicating Tanysiptera galatea emiliae to her in 1871. They had ten daughters and many of them contributed to his books (and of other authors too) by hand colouring the lithograph plates. One daughter, Emily Mary, worked in the entomology department of the Natural History Museum between 1905 and 1925.

Björn Bergenholtz

... earlier a k a "Calalp"
Chlorocharis emiliae SHARPE 1888

In my MS I have only dealt with John Whitehead (1860–1899) himself, not involving his family, but at a glance, as the species No. 1 in the same article ("Cissa jefferyi") was dedicated (on John Whitehead's request) to Whithehead's father ["Jeffrey Whitehead (d. 1909)"] and that Whitehead himself didn´t knew "what to call this species, but it is most Finch-like in its ways. …" I think it´s fair to assume that "Emilæ" is more likely to be linked to the Author of the article [i.e. Richard Bowdler Sharpe (1847–1909)].

So which one of Bowdler Sharpe's relatives, his Wife or daughter was most (or somewhat) "Finch-like"? ;)

Richard Bowdler Sharp's Obituaries here (see p.285), here and here.

Anyone feel like searching further? Richard Bowdler Sharpe was the son of Thomas Bowdler and Elisabeth Sharpe, born at 1 Skinner Street, Snow Hill, London on 22 November 1847 … he married Emily Eliza Burrows at Cookham, Bershire in 1867. The couple went to live in Camden Town, where their first six daughters were born between 1869 and 1875.

PS. It might be worth checking; Jackson, Christine E. (1994). "Richard Bowdler Sharpe and his ten daughters". Archives of Natural History 21 (3): 261–269 ... ? Excerpt here.

PPS.The (oldest) daughter (also naturalist) Emily Mary Bowdler Sharpe was born in 1869, the first woman to first author a paper in Proceedings of the Zoological Society.

See links here, here (bottom page) and here.

Thereby (by the years 1888 for "emiliæ" vs 1869) I assume (I´ve seen no proof), if no other Emilia is found in the Crowd of daughters (which seem unlikely in a Family with two Emilys!) that his wife is the most likely candidate.

Good luck finding her!
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I think it is still possible for his daughter Emily Mary. Maybe for her to become majority? But without a hint by the author impossible to know.


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Here are the ladies/daughters:
  • Emily Mary (1869-)
  • Ada Lavinia (1869-1951)
  • Eva Augusta (1871-1922)
  • Lilian Bertha (1873-)
  • Dora Louise (1875-)
  • Lena Violet (1876-)
  • Daisy Madeline (1881-)
  • Sylvia Rosamund (1882-1942)
  • Hilda Marion (1884-)
  • Aimee Marjorie (1887-)

Interessting is that Sharpe only mentioned Emily Mary by name in his last will of the year 1910. Some of the daughters have provided several plates to different bird books. Between 1898 and 1902 Emily Mary published A Monograph of the genus Teracolus. All this is written in the article Björn mentioned.
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I can tell you that John Whitehead had no daughter named Emilie or Emily but did have a sister:

Emily Whitehead 1864–1917
BIRTH APRIL 1864 Highgate, Middlesex, England
DEATH FEB 1917 Wandsworth, Surrey, England

As good a candidate as any!

James Jobling

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Well found, Paul. The Key definitions for emiliae now read:
● Emily Whitehead (1864-1917) sister of English explorer and collector John Whitehead (Paul Scofield in litt.) (Chlorocharis).
● Henriette Mathilde Maria Elisabeth Emilie Snethlage (1868-1929) German ornithologist, collector in Brazil 1905-1929, Director of the Goeldi Mus. 1914-1922 (subsp. Dysithamnus mentalis, subsp. Microrhopias quixensis).
● "Iodopleura Emiliæ. (Parzudaky.)"; lapsus for isabellae (des Murs 1849, Iconographie Ornithologique, pl. 68) (Iodopleura).
● Emily Eliza Sharpe née Burrows (1843-1928) wife of British ornithologist Richard Bowdler Sharpe (subsp. Nigrita canicapillus, subsp. Tanysiptera galatea).
● Marie Antoinette Émilie Galichon née Tuffet (1802-1873) second wife of French art collector and historian Émile-Louis Étienne Galichon (d. 1873) (subsp. Phaethornis guy).
● Émilie Lapèyre-Bellair (or Lapère) (fl. 1845) wife of Capt. Jean Théophile Lapèyre-Bellair (1814-1852) French Army, collector in the Marquesas (syn. Ptilinopus dupetithouarsii).
● Émilie Anne Marie de Dalmas (1886-1986) daughter of French ornithologist Raymond Comte de Dalmas (Martin Schneider in litt.) (syn. Tangara lavinia).


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Jean Théophile Lapèyre-Bellair's (1814-1852) wife was Joséphine-Sophie-Émilie Proust (1822-1905)
Birth 7 Mars 1822 Rochefort
Mariée le 26 mai 1840, Rochefort
Death 16 mars 1905 - Rochefort-sur-Mer, Charente-Maritime

Émile-Léonard Galichon dates are (1829-1875) and Louis Étienne Galichon (1788-1873) was the father see here.


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ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Columbia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Colombia
ZEISS. Discover the fascinating world of birds, and win a birding trip to Colombia

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