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Choice: SLC 10x56 or NL Pure 12x42 (1 Viewer)

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Canon 10x42 IS-L. Best for airplane spotting and stargazing because of the flat field, sharp edges and stable image. They are excellent for general observation and birding also. You will see way more detail than either the SLC 10x56 or NL Pure 12x42 unless you mount them on a tripod.
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我想买我的第一台双筒望远镜。我做了很多研究,在 SLC 10x56 和 NL Pure 12x42 之间纠结。这听起来可能有点奇怪,但我的预期用途非常广泛:

  • 从我的公寓看一般感兴趣的主题(我的视野非常开阔,通畅)
  • 出去观鸟
  • 潜入树林,看看我感兴趣的东西
  • 观看飞行在 30.000 英尺以上的商用飞机(出于某种原因,我喜欢看到空客 A380)
  • 观星,因为深空可能是最神奇的地方

一方面,我最好使用 NL Pures 以获得额外的放大倍率,另一方面,SLC 较大的出射瞳孔将有利于观星和其他黎明/黄昏观测。 (在光线不足的情况下,我没有找到这两者之间的比较,我只是假设 SLC 更适合该用例?)


I'm looking to buy my first binoculars. I did a lot of research and I'm torn between the SLC 10x56 and NL Pure 12x42. This might sound a bit strange, but my intended usage is very broad:

  • looking at general interest subjects from my apartment (I have a very wide, unobstructed view)
  • go out and observe birds
  • dive into the woods and look at whatever takes my interest
  • watch commercial airplanes when they're flying at 30.000+ ft (I like to spot Airbus A380's for some reason)
  • star gazing, because deep space is probably the most amazing place of all

At the one hand I'd be better off with the NL Pures for the extra magnification, on the other hand the larger exit pupil of the SLC would be beneficial for the star gazing and other dawn/dusk observing. (I did not find a comparison between these two in regard to low-light situations, I just assume the SLC is better for that use case?)

Any thoughts, advice, considerations, ...? Thank you.
Hello, I have encountered your confusion before. Your first binoculars must not be your last. So depending on your needs, it is recommended that you build your binoculars combo step by step.

A combination of NL10*42 and SLC15*56 can be considered. Among them, NL10*42 is used for medium-distance and close-up observation when traveling, such as bird watching. The SLC15*56 is used for medium and long distance observations, such as stargazing from your balcony. Large aperture binoculars are generally used either at high magnification or in low light environments such as hunting. The SLC15*56 is a pair of binoculars you shouldn't miss.
Finally, it is recommended that you experience the binoculars for yourself in a physical store before purchasing. What you see is what you get.

Hope the above is helpful to you. Good luck.

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