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Chris' 2018 year list (1 Viewer)

Gibbo 92

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I have had a great 2017 visiting some brilliant places in the UK including Mull, Titchwell and Minsmere. I then had a week in Asturias in Northern Spain which was fantastic. I finished off the year with the last 3 months in South East Asia seeing some amazing birds. My total was 445 which I hope to beat this year when I will have a year visa for Australia!

(Lifers in Bold)

1st January 2018

Singapore, Botanical Gardens and Gardens by the Bay.
Heavy Rain in the morning but it did eventually stop.

Botanic Gardens

1) Feral Pigeon (I was hoping for something more exotic)
2) Javan Myna
3) White-breasted Waterhen
4) Asian Palm Swift
5) Red Junglefowl
6) Black-crowned Night Heron
7) Asian Koel
8) Pink-necked Green Pigeon
9) Crimson Sunbird
10) Yellow-vented Bulbul
11) Oriental Pied Hornbill
12) Greater Racket-tailed Drongo
13) Common Iora
14) Spotted Dove
15) Red-legged Crake
16) Black-naped Oriole
17) Olive-backed Sunbird
18) Oriental Magpie-Robin
19) Asian Glossy Starling
20) Oriental Dollarbird
21) Brown-throated Sunbird
22) Common Kingfisher
23) Pacific Swift
24) Pacific Swallow
25) Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot
26) Red-whiskered Bulbul
27) Malaysian Pied Fantail
28) Lineated Barbet
29) Striated Heron
30) Asian Brown Flycatcher
31) Asian Red-eyed Bulbul

Gardens by the Bay

32) Zebra Dove
33) Tree Sparrow
34) Common Tailorbird
35) Common Myna
36) Yellow Bittern
37) House Crow
38) Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker
39) Arctic Warbler
40) Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker

Gibbo 92

Well-known member
After a travel day on the 2nd from Singapore to Sydney not much chance to catch anything new, especially with the rain.

3rd January arrived in Sydney, managed a quick walk to a local park near St Leonards.

41) Silver Gull
42) Australian White Ibis
43) House Sparrow
44) Rainbow Lorikeet
45) Noisy Miner
46) Channel-billed Cuckoo
47) Laughing Kookaburra
48) Tawny Frogmouth
49) Pied Currawong
50) Australian Magpie
51) Crested Pigeon
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Gibbo 92

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4th January Sydney Opera House and Botanical Gardens

52) Greater Crested Tern
53) Welcome Swallow
54) Little Black Cormorant
55) Masked Lapwing
56) Maned Duck
57) Pacific Black Duck
58) Dusky Moorhen
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Gibbo 92

Well-known member
8th January - Manly and North Head. Very hot but still some birds about. Great to finally see Fairy Wrens for the first time.

60) Brown Gerygone
61) Silvereye
62) Superb Fairy-Wren
63) Red Wattlebird
64) Variegated Fairy-Wren
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Gibbo 92

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9th January Sydney Botanical Gardens

After doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and few hours spent in the gardens.

65) Magpie-Lark
66) Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
67) Australasian Swamphen
68) Chestnut Teal

Gibbo 92

Well-known member
11th January - Centennial Park a great trip to the Park and met some really nice people from the NSW bird society.

70) Grey Butcherbird
71) Australasian Darter
72) Long-billed Corella
73) Buff-banded Rail
74) Eurasian Coot
75) Black Swan
76) Little Corella
77) Powerful Owl
78) Australasian Figbird
79) Great Cormorant
80) Little Pied Cormorant
81) Hardhead
82) Australian Pelican
83) Fairy Martin
84) White-faced Heron
85) Common Starling
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Gibbo 92

Well-known member
13th January 2018 - Centennial Park with the NSW Bird Society

88) White-throated Needletail
89) Pacific Koel
90) Intermediate Egret
91) Grey Teal

Gibbo 92

Well-known member
14th January 2018 Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW

92) Galah
93) Brown Thornbill
94) White-browed Scrubwren
95) Eastern Yellow Robin
96) Superb Lyrebird
97) Eastern Whipbird
98) Bassain Thrush
99) Australian Brushturkey
100) Grey Fantail
101) Crimson Rosella

Gibbo 92

Well-known member
15th January 2018 Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW

102) Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
103) Satin Bowerbird
104) Black Kite
105) Yellow-faced Honeyeater
106) Eastern Spinebill
107) Fan-tailed Cuckoo
108) Australian King Parrot

Gibbo 92

Well-known member
16th January Grand Canyon, Blackheath, Blue Mountains NSW

110) Wonga Pigeon
111) White-throated Treecreeper
112) Rufous Fantail
113) Striated Thornbill
114) Rock Warbler
115) Yellow-throated Scrubwren
116) Pilotbird

Gibbo 92

Well-known member
17th January, East lakes, Sydney

117) Latham's Snipe
118) White-headed Stilt
119) Australian Shelduck
120) Black-fronted Dotterel
121) Willie's Wagtail
122) Spotless Crake
123) Swamp Harrier
124) Australasian Grebe
125) Red-browed Finch
126) European Greenfinch
127) Red-rumped Parrot
128) Bar-shouldered Dove
129) Yellow-vented Thornbill
130) Little Grassbird
131) Australian Reed Warbler
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Gibbo 92

Well-known member
After two weeks in Sydney and a few days in the Blue Mountains, both fantastic places to visit. Next up, the capital for a couple of days.

18th January Canberra, very hot here so didn't spend much time outside, but still saw 1 lifer.

132) White-winged Chough

Gibbo 92

Well-known member
23rd January 2018 — Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

After a few days exploring the city and watching Federer play at the Australian Open. Time to explore some of the parks.

133) Little Raven
134) Bell Miner
135) Common Blackbird
136) Song Thrush

Gibbo 92

Well-known member
24th January 2018 - Phillip Island and the Penguin Parade

137) Grey Shrikethrush
138) Common Bronzewing
139) Cape Barren Goose
140) Royal Spoonbill
141) White-plumed Honeyeater
142) Pied Oystercatcher
143) Pacific Gull
144) White-fronted Chat
145)Little Penguin
146) Australasian Gannet
147) Short-tailed Shearwater
148) Straw-necked Ibis
149) Australian Shoveler
150) Yellow-billed Spoonbill
151) Hoary-headed Grebe

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