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I have a pair of Leitz Trinovid 8x40 bonos. I recently had them cleaned and now it seems that the close focus distance is greater than it was. Can anyone tell me what the close focus distance should be? It is now about 8 metres, which means I have to move away from a bird in order to see it.

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I think 8m is about right for the factory setting. In the US Leitz used to offer a "close focus" modification which removed some focus travel beyond infinity and added it to the close end. That allowed close focus to about 5m. It sounds like you have a pair that was modified. Whoever did the cleaning must have returned them to the original factory setting and ought to be able to restore the modification.

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Thanks Henry,
Unfortunately the dealer is some 2000 km away so it is not just a case of dropping in. Also, I need the binocs for work so I may have to wait a while.



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Close Focus Distance

It should not be possible to alter the close focus distance when cleaning the binocular. The distance adjustment is set by spacers behind the object lenses. It is very difficult to remove these and then forget to put them back.

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