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Cold Bird? (1 Viewer)


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Hello all. I'm not a bird watcher or anything, but I do have a bird that keeps coming in the house. From what I can tell it's a Bewick's Wren. I live in Oklahoma where it's 5 degrees and there's about a foot of snow. Neither of those things are in any way normal for here.

My 6 year old daughter is begging me "Save it Daddy, it forgot to go south." When a bird comes in the house I always just let it out. But It's unusually cold and I'd prefer her not to find it's frozen corpse next time she goes out to play. Also it just keeps coming back in whenever someone opens the door.

Is this bird actually coming in my house to avoid freezing, or it just being weird? Can I just keep shooing it outside without dooming it to a short life as a birdsicle?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

KC Foggin

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If it were I and I and the bird was dealing with that kind of wet cold I would probably let it stay in for a bit to warm up. Or you could take it to your local wildlife rescue org as they will know what to do.

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Maybe try some food for it, either just inside or outside the door. Cheese? Cat food? not anything processed or bread - high protein/fat good. Hopefully you'll get better suggestions but it doesn't sound totally normal, so it may be under some stress and helping out won't hurt?

Deb Burhinus

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Also give it water in a shallow large plate/bowl - wrap a towel round the rim so it can step from the towel into the water and out easily - if birds are cold it’s sometimes because they have not been able to wash and preen their feathers (that maybe just as important as food if not more so in the short term in harsh weather, particularly if it’s locally unseasonal). If water sources are frozen birds eat snow but the snow reduces their core temperature and they can quickly succumb to hypothermia especially if food is also short.
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I fully agree with the author of the comment above, but in general this does not always mean that the bird is cold, but try to find it out. Good luck to you!

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