Colin's Bird Diary - 19th December 2007 (1 Viewer)

Decided to make a last visit to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre at Slimbridge before the end of the year and also incorporated a twitch which took me all of 2 miles out of my way to see the Cattle Egret reported near Fretherne.

Arrived at said place, walked up the road and noticed a white feature near some derelict trucks near a farm building. Put the scope on it and there it was, the Cattle Egret. It soon moved away from the buildings and into the open field where horses were grazing. It then did what the textbooks say and it was feeding around the hoofs (not of cattle) but of the horses and occasionally had to hurry out of the way to avoid getting trodden on.

I moved on to Slimbridge where the highlight of the afternoon was the Bean Goose with the White-fronted Geese.

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