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Collins bird guide app (1 Viewer)

I just got the iPad edition. Not that I ever take my iPad out when I'm birding, but it'll be a quicker, searchable resource at home.

I've got an Android phone and would have liked to have seen a version for that too.
Is it my iPad or do the colours look worse on the iPad? Pallas's warbler look brown (almost) but green on the iPhone/

it was said, somewhere else, that it's too easy to clone/copy data on Androids ... so it won't get there, ever?
Happily using it on my iPhone 4, but really hoping the rumours of a bigger iPhone are true as this app would be great on a bigger screen (must be fab on iPad!)
I have both iPad and iPhone and yes it is easier to use on the iPad, but I will definitely be using the iPhone version in the field. Another useful feature is that you can create a new list, I am going to Alicante, Spain in October and have already created a list called "Spain Alicante Oct 2014", looking forward to using it.
I wish there was a way to see how many birds are on a list / the life list.
For you in the UK the additional map data is really nice! Hopefully there's something like that coming for different countries as well!
Collins colours

I have both iPad and iPhone

Can you please check Pallas's warbler on both iPhone & iPad?
How do the colours compare?
I've an iPhone 5 & a 2nd gen iPad. The iPad colours are pretty poor (grey/brown instead of green)
The developers say it's because of different screen makers choosing different colour palettes!
Got it yesterday and I'm very happy with it, especially about the sound recording, enlarging plates and option to make a life list - although I still haven't figured out how the search engines work.
Subalpine Warbler complex is also split and all three species have new plates, not by Dan Zetterström. Chaffinch also has some new illustrations.
I fully expect to get it eventually, but there are just so many other (and mostly better) ways of making lists that include your life list. Some of the best are submitting trip lists to repositories such as ebird.org with automatic generation of life lists. http://www.birdseyebirding.com/ produces a phone app for accepting your list while in the field for upload to ebird.

Go to one of the individual species page, then move along to the second map icon from the left and select. Think that takes you to a link for a download. Similar effort takes you to the video downloads.
Has anyone got the BirdGuides app as well as the Collins. If so, how do the two compare. I've been using the Birdguides one for ages, and I like it.. especially the updated version.
Has anyone got the BirdGuides app as well as the Collins. If so, how do the two compare. I've been using the Birdguides one for ages, and I like it.. especially the updated version.

The Collins is far better imo, far more species and covers the whole of Europe, whereas the BirdGuides app only covers Northern Europe

Disappointed on iPhone but I bet it's good on newer iPads.
iPhone...the plates are too small to be useful and the print so small it's virtually impossible to read even with reading specs.
You can enlarge the plate but only after tapping through several times and then pinch zooming.
It would be better if it worked with the phone held horizontally rather than vertically because the plate would then be wider and text bigger.
The comparison feature is all but useless on iPhone as in order to see the species side by side at a viewable size you have to pinch zoom again which gets rid of the comparison plate.
It won't work on iPad 1 either because Apple no longer updates the operating system.
Mine is also a 4s ! You tap the plate you want until the title disappears and it will then be able to be viewed horizontally.
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There's also a toggle annotations on/off feature on the plates - tap once and the annotations toggle.

On my iPhone 4s the rotate feature seems a bit flakey - and I still remain baffled by the search feature! if anyone can give a step by step description of how to find a target species by name using the search facility I'd be very grateful. I'm trying to study the Stilt Sandpiper which was so obliging at Cresswell and Druridge recently. I've stumble upon it once but can't work out a consistent way to find a species!
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