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Common Ringed Plover with white lores and abnormal head pattern (1 Viewer)

Mark B Bartosik

Well-known member
Hi All,

In 2017 I found this oddball CRPL but, unfortunately, my plans to visit the Baltic shore (Poland) at least one more time did not work out. So here we are – a quite interesting individual with partially white lores (at bill base) and interesting black stripe pattern.


I wonder if anything similar was ever recorded and if so, where?

BTW I found a few examples of SEPL in Texas with partially white lores, it is rare but occurs.

Also – it looks that there are no good documented records of hybrids as Smith (1965); Polymorphism in Ringed Plovers paper was discredited, and he was accused of fraud base on the fact that he did not visit the research area during the dates he listed in that paper. Short inquiry – I will appreciate a lot if somebody who has a digital copy of this paper can share it with me. I am just curious to see photographic ‘evidence’ he included. Thanks in advance.

Are there any new traits that separate these two species without overlapping? All listed so far I found overlapping: neck collar (that also can be broken in both cases), palmation between digits (one of the best traits to use, according to many sources - I have handy examples of how in SEPL this can go from quite large palmation to none …), ‘gape line’ (there are many examples of the reverse pattern in both species). I think that somebody who is familiar with both species can separate them easily in most cases but many photos posted on the web can be misleading. Not surprising as I often see even SEPL identified as PIPL, some by serious birders (quite a mess if somebody wants to look for early PIPL migrant records on the eBird).

Perhaps one more question when I am on the CRPL/SEPL subject. Both species are known to exhibit SY occasional eccentric replacement pattern of primaries in the wing. Are there any published/posted records of SY SEPL on North America grounds available?

Best regards,

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