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Confirm IDs Miami (1 Viewer)

Mike Beer

Well-known member
Please can I have confirmation of these birds please as I have no book for this location. Photographed today South Beach, Miami.
1. Laughing Gulls. 2 Crimson Fronted Parakeet.



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Speak softly and carry a long lens
Two very difficult groups. I think the first photo is safe to ID as laughing gull based on wingtip pattern (black tips fading gradually into dark mantle). Pass on the second gull. Definitely pass on the parrot, Lord knows what escaped birds are loose in Miami. Yellow-chevroned parakeet is established there, and is tempting (lacks any red on head) but I think we should see some yellow on the wing of the second bird in the picture...


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1-2. Laughing gull (given that one at least has a good long bill, that laughing gull is really common there, and that Franklin's gull is hugely less common).


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#3 looks like a Green Parakeet
Not familiar with this species, but none of the Macaulay images I looked at have the eye ring this pale. I'm reminded of white-eyed parakeet. We would expect to see some red (not visible) although the bird to bottom left has some in its wing supporting this suggestion

Mike Beer

Well-known member
I Have added one more picture if it helps.


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Gallery Moderator
Opus Editor
Green Parakeet looks like a good shout to me. (and agree with Laughing for both gull pictures).


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United States
Green Parakeet is really difficult to find in Miami, usually more common in the Miami Springs area. However, in the Miami Beach part White-eyed Parakeets are the default Psittacara sp., did you see any red on the bend of the wing of the parakeets when they flew?

If you did, you might have White-eyed, again Green is possible, but they are usually 1 or 2 birds in a mixed flock with other parakeets and as previously mentioned, usually in Miami Springs.

Mike Beer

Well-known member
Hello I saw three together feeding on the same branch, unfortunately I did not see them fly, as usual I moved my position to get a better view and off they went.


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