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Confused about kit. (1 Viewer)


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United Kingdom
Hope you are in a generous mood, because I am about to ask a dumb question.
I'm using a couple of Tascam audio recorders with various external mics. They are not the problem. Probably.
I now need to get the recordings from the Tascam units to the DAW on my PC. I could yank the cards and shove them in the PC integral card reader I suppose. But I keep reading about the need for an audio interface. Now they seem to attach mics directly to the PC.
So do I need yet another bit of kit, or what....?


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The only "audio interface" I think one could need is to plug conventional audio mics into a computer. A combined pre-amp and analogue/digital converter.

Nowadays one can get USB mics that plug directly in a computer without the need for such an interface. They are not interchangeable with "normal" mics and can't be used with conventional audio set ups.

If you have a recorder that stores recordings digitally then you can just stick the card in the computer or connect the device directly by a lead.


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United Kingdom
Thanks for that Mono.

I'd kind of thought that was what it was I should be doing. Indeed, it is what I have been doing. Then I tripped over a wildlife recording site in the UK, which is, shall we say, not the world's friendliest. They had a guy [they are all guys], who was recommending the use of an audio interface.. Turns out on the second reading, that he was trying to record directly to a laptop with a dynamic mic. Quite why was not entirely clear.

Richard Scott

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I currently take the micro sd card out, and use an adapter so I can use SD card slot in the laptop. The alternative would be to use a usb - micro usb data transfer cable.


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I've simply plugged the appropriate usb cable between the Tascam Recorder and the computer, the files on the Tascam then appear on the computer as they would with a card reader. Never really thought of doing it any other way. (I hate playing with fiddly little micro sd cards!)
Different Tascam recorders use different usb connectors at their end, depending on when they were designed, but they are all common industry standard types costing very little.
See pics 1st is of a moderm DR-07X, but they all act much the same way. You plug in the USB cable, power up the recorder (some audio recorders do this automatically - the Tascam doesn't) and usually select between external power or a computer connection, - the messages displayed will vary, but its pretty clear what to do on any Tascam Recorder. You can see the usb cable stuck in the side of of the Tascam the other end is in the computer. The second pic is what you see in File Manager, you can access the files directly from your DAW. or more sensibly copy them to your Computer. The audio files will be found in the MUSIC folder on your recorder.
I do own audio interfaces,but never for this use. Confusingly the DR-07X has an audio interface mode, but that is to allow you to record live into your DAW using the recorders microphones - not at all what you are trying to do, most older Tascams don't have this feature so you can probably forget that I mentioned it!
If you are producing a video you might well be using an audio interface when recording a high quality voice over. Though probably not with a dynamic mic!


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