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Courtesy towards Disabled Birders - Oare, Kent (1 Viewer)

John Cantelo

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In general I think birders are a pretty decent bunch but we all have our blind spots. One such, it seems, amongst able-bodied birders is a lack of awareness of the importance of showing consideration to those with limited mobility. I visited Oare, Kent early this morning where there's a designated pull-in for viewing birds - NOT a car park - by the 'scrape'. It's there so that birders can "look & go" and, more importantly, to give those with mobility problems an opportunity to see birds. There are signs explaining this (although oddly one seems to have disappeared). Even if there were no signs it should be obvious that leaving your car there when there's a car park a quarter of a mile along the road is discourteous and, to be blunt, selfish.

However, shortly after I arrived today just before 06.00 one car had already been left there (despite the car park being almost empty) and by 06.40 two others joined the first effectively closing off the viewing area to later arrivals. The occupants of the three cars, all birders, were walking around the reserve/along the seawall (having passed the proper car park to do so). In the past other cars owned by birders walking around the reserve have blocked a second disabled parking space to give access to a hide or blocked wheelchair access to a kissing gate. This is a perennial problem at Oare largely, although not exclusively, caused by inconsiderate birders.

I'm sure such things happen elsewhere so take this post as a wider appeal to birders to be more thoughtful and considerate to others.


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United Kingdom
Unfortunately, a significant proportion of the human race (not just birders) is thoughtless, ignorant and inconsiderate.

Andy Adcock

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Unfortunately, a significant proportion of the human race (not just birders) is thoughtless, ignorant and inconsiderate.

Ever been on a public playground in the UK recently? I take my toddler out twice a day and the calibre of some of the kids is alarming, foul language, abuse and threats if you confront them which, I of course do. One of the bigger ones tried to square up to me in front of his mates until I threw his bike over the fence and told him he was about to follow it.

The question for me is, what kind of parents must they have, the language they use, no fear of or respect for adults whatsoever and several have used a diagnosis of ADHD to explain their behaviour when I've tried to speak with them.

I made a comment about bird hides in the inner Cities getting torched the other day, these will be the little scrotes with the matches.
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