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Crested Grebes & Madarin Duck at Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch & Elm Park, Essex (1 Viewer)


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Crested Grebes & Madarin Duck at Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch & Elm Park, Essex


It's been MANY many years/moons since I lived in Essex, the place of my birth & first 42-years of my life.

For a whole bunch of reasons, my 'callsign' has been "Hornchurch" since 2004 on various fora/forums.
(M/cycle, Guitar, Military Aircraft, etc, plus this one here)

In amongst other reasons, I spent 17-years of my life, living near the old RAF Hornchurch = Spitfire & Boulton Paul Defiant base.

My 2nd nearest neighbouring park, was "Harrow Lodge" - (set between Elm Park & Hornchurch itself)

When married, I used to take my wife & kids over there, football, kite-flying, etc.

Whilst our kids were at school, I'd often go over there, with my wife, purely for exercise & to feed the ducks on the large-lake.

One of my largest pleasures, was to see the breeding pair of 'Crested Grebes' there, so majestic.

Making us laugh, further-on, there was also a lone Male Mandarin Duck....

Smallest of the bunch, SO brightly-coloured, yet SO damn bossy & 'Alpha Dominant'
My wife adored him - His colours, plus his arrogant aggressive stance, saying, "Ha, He's just like you" !"

(with naturally, a few riposte choice words from me !)

Nowadays, I live at least 125-miles further North, and have NOT visited the park since 2012/2017, once-each, generalising...

(Apart from a scale-modelling event, than happens & takes up one weekend in spring, I've only been there, those TWO occasions, since)

So, my request to my fellow forumites, who DO know the area, plus the large park in question, that spans two towns...)

Have you guys SEEN or know, of any subsequent 'offspring' (Mandarin duck, or, CRESTED GREBES), who STILL frequent the park ?

I often think about these & just how much joy, they gave me, seeing them....

Are their 2020 'offspring' still around & frequenting that lovely old wide park ?

(despite living in what nowadays is referred to as 'an outstanding natural area of beauty', 125-miles North, I still miss it !)

Would be VERY grateful "if" you guys still living in & frequenting THAT part of Essex, could (please), give me an update ?

Cheers in advance, 'H.C'


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