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Crested Lark - some subspecies (1 Viewer)

Gonçalo Elias

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Hi all,

I would like to understand the origin or meaning of these subspecific names of Crested Lark Galerida cristata:

  • G. c. festae (from Libya) - I found some ornithological publications that mention a "Dr Festa"; additionally, a North African subspecies of Rüppell's Fox Vulpes rueppellii cyrenaica was named by him. Is it the same person? Any more details who he was?
  • G. c. helenae (from Algeria and Libya) there are five different candidates called Helena, but I can't figure out which is the right one.
  • G. c. jordansi (from Niger) - maybe named after Karl Jordan?
  • G. c. balsaci (from Mauritania) - I guess it would be Heim de Balsac, or are there any other possibilities?
  • G. c. leautungensis (from China) - most likely a province or region in China called Leautung, but does it have an alternative name in English?
Thanks all for any help.

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James Jobling

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In my Key MS I have:
festae Dr Enrico Luigi Festa (1868-1939) Italian zoologist, explorer, collector in Panama, Colombia and Ecuador 1895-1899, and Cyrenaica 1922 (subsp. Galerida cristata, syn. Poecile montanus, Ramphocelus dimidiatus x Ramphocelus passerini hybrid).
helenae • Hélène Lavauden (fl. 1925) daughter of French naturalist and forester Louis Lavauden (subsp. Galerida cristata).
jordansi Prof. Dr Adolf von Jordans (1892-1974) German ornithologist, collector, Director of Mus. Alexander Koenig, Bonn (syn. Burhinus oedicnemus saharae, syn. Cisticola juncidis cisticola, subsp. Corvus corax, syn. Dryobates minor hortorum, subsp. Galerida cristata, syn. Sylvia communis).
balsaci Prof. Henri Frédéric Jules Victor Heim de Balsac (1899-1979) French zoologist (subsp. Galerida cristata, subsp. Platalea leucorodia, subsp. Rhinoptilus cinctus).
leautungensis Liautung, a former province of Manchuria, China.


laurent raty
Galerida cristata festae Hartert 1922.
"Named after Dr. E. Festa, the traveller in many lands, who, with the exception of Dodson, who collected for Mr. Whitaker along the coast of south-western Cyrenaica on his journey from Murzah to Bengasi, was the first to attempt the ornithological exploration of Cyrenaica."

Galerida cristata helenae Lavauden 1926.
p. 6 in: https://bibliotheques.mnhn.fr/media...1926_T010_N201/revue-francaise-d-ornithologie
"Nous avons dédié cette nouvelle forme à notre bien-aimée fille Hélène."
Born 1912 according to: https://gw.geneanet.org/pierfit?lang=en&p=helene&n=lavauden

Galerida cristata jordansi Niethammer 1955.
p. 57 in: https://www.zoologicalbulletin.de/BzB_Volumes/Volume_06_1_2/029_080_BZB06_1_2_Niethammer_Günther.PDF
No dedication, but indeed quite undoubtedly named after Adolf von Jordans.
(Note that Niethammer had dedicated (explicitly) Corvus corax jordansi to the same Adolf von Jordans two years earlier. p. 74 in: https://www.zoologicalbulletin.de/BzB_Volumes/Volume_04_1_2/073_078_BZB04_1_2_Niethammer_Günther.PDF )

Galerida cristata balsaci Dekeyser & Villiers 1950.
No dedication, but Heim de Balsac is cited several times in this paper -- https://books.google.com/books?id=qIFTAAAAIAAJ&dq=balsac -- hence there can be little doubt, indeed.

Alauda leautungensis Swinhoe 1861.
"I have named it after the Province of Leautung into a peninsula of which the bay flows." -- where "the bay" is "Talien Bay" (now Dalian Bay).
Liaodong (now in Liaoning province): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liaodong


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Just one minor tweak

Adrien Joseph Louis Lavauden

Birth 19 June 1881 in Grenoble

Death: 1 September 1935 in Anjou, Isère

Renée Marie Jeanne Hélène de Monts de Savasse (née Lavauden)

Birth 20 Oct 1912 in Grenoble Isere

Death 8 Mar 1989 in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

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James Jobling

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• Capt. Boyd Francis Alexander (1873-1910) British explorer, collector, ornithologist (subsp. Amadina fasciata, subsp. Eremomela icteropygialis, Falco, subsp. Galerida cristata, syn. Indicator minor senegalensis, subsp. Nigrita luteifrons).


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Hmm Yet another multiple people of the same name issue:

Col Boyd Francis Alexander

BIRTH 17 APR 1834 • Marylebone, London, England
DEATH 19 AUG 1917 • Cranbrook, Kent, England


Lieutenant Boyd Francis Alexander

BIRTH 16 JAN 1873 • Cranbrook, Kent, England
DEATH 2 APRIL 1910 • Nyeri, Central Kenya, Kenya

If the honoree was was anything more than a Lt it would have to be Boyd Francis Alexander snr


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Yes a bit more investigation shows it was indeed: Lieutenant Boyd Francis Alexander (1873–1910). see some interesting attached articles...


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