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Cruising the Nile. (1 Viewer)


Hi All.
It seems that some of you wish to get a flavour of what my trip to Egypt was all about, even though bird species were in short supply.

The cruise itself was something on my wish-list, as was the balloon-flight, taken during our week in Luxor following the cruise: neither were a disappointment. We cruised from Luxor to Aswan, and back again; and apart from an early hiccup, it was wonderful. I won't write about the tombs and temples we visited, or I'll be writing for days; suffice to say they were amazing, stunning, superb and mind-blowing. Get the picture? LOL!!

I'm not doing a day-by-day coverage, merely an overview. There is something magical about being on the Nile; I think the name alone creates an aura. We were a day-and-a-half in Luxor at the start of the cruise, when we should have been there for 14 hours. We were not happy!!
There not many bird species to be seen whilst we were moored there: Pied Kingfishers were abundant, flying past, and also feeding not far from the boat. There was an almost continuous fly-past of birds, including Little Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Striated Herons, Grey Herons, Squacco Herons and Purple Herons. I was unable to get pics of many of them due to the distance, and the limitations of my camera. Not many years ago I saw a Squacco Heron on a local patch and was really chuffed to get such a rarity: on the Nile there were hundreds. I never ever thought I would be blase about them.
Every now and then the river would narrow due to large floating reed beds or peninsularsjutting out where the river branched off into a side stream.These areas were productive for birds, but mainly species that I'd already seen, however, the numbers kept up the interest, plus the hope of seeing a new one. The Western Reef Heron/B] was one that was picked up in such habitat, but again out of reach of my camera for even a half decent pic.
As we sailed up and down the river, lots of birds could be heard in the bushes and trees lining the banks; and often LBJs could be seen flitting about, but too far away for identification. The song of the Sedge Warbler was the only one I recognised.

After the cruise, we stayed in an hotel in Luxor for a week, unwinding. During the week we had two enchantings trips on the river in a Felucca:the best river trips were two early morning ones by motor boat. The boatman, on instructions from his boss, the Felluca boatman, took us exactly where we wanted to go, and that meant as close to the reeds as possible, where some of my already posted pics were taken; the Purple Gallinule being the best.

The following pics, whilst not having any feathered birds in them, do have an avian feel to them. One depicts Horus; the Falcon-headed god, along with Thoth, ( Ibis-headed ) Scribe to Osiris, and Messenger to the Gods, and himself God of Wisdom. There's also a statue of Horus with two odd-looking people in attendance. That should keep the mods happy. LOL!! Note the preservation of the colours, this after more than 2000 years. The carvings and statues were equally well preserved.

All the best.
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I enjoyed reading your holiday report Baz, thanks for sharing!:t:

For the record I thought the Purple Gallinule pic was a cracker too!:clap:


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Hi Baz,
I enjoyed it too. What a fascinating place to visit. The detail in those statues is amazing. I'd love to go see them but the heat would do me in;) Thanks for sharing your trip down the Nile

Best Wishes


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Nice one, Baz! Is that odd looking person you, by any chance? If so hello! *waves!*


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Your holiday sounds wonderful Baz, thank you for telling us about it, brought back some memories too. Must be a shock returning to this miserable weather after all that sun!

Sue Wright

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Hi Baz,

That was wonderful to read, thanks for doing it for us. A shame about the hiccup, but at least the rest sounded wonderful and must have made up for it. Amazing to think of just how long it's all been there for, those odd looking bods too! ;) Poor Pam, her disgust at having her photo taken is always so apparent, such a shame as she has a beautiful smile and wonderful character. Good to see you both again!

Superb photos Baz.

Love, Sue. (to Pam also)

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