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Curio Whoopsie! (1 Viewer)

I purchased a new pair of Curio 7x21's, and they arrived in the box with the knob detached like that. I think they just use a spot of glue to hold it on. If you have a Curio, be careful with the focusing knob and don't turn it too hard. Shameful for an $800 binocular.
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How came the curio back to you guys from austria, who this thing happened to?
Holding better now?

Mine is also about to fall off :/
How came the curio back to you guys from austria, who this thing happened to?
I just took it to my local Swarovski dealer. They dealt with all the admin, it took about 5 weeks. They have been fine, but I got no warning the first time. The knob didn't get loose or anything it just came off.
I think the Curio is a tad better optically than the 8x20 Ultra....
But only on direct back to back comparisons.
But the Leicas' build quality is without question.
No armour issues either.
Keep it simple.
I nearly wanted to opt for the curio 7x21, but am still not sure. The focuser issue is not really nice to hear, although I know swarovski will take care of it.

I recently visited a optics shop and tried the Curio. The focuser was really loose. Not firm at all. It didn't come off, but there was not a lot of friction. The seller said that this was a well known problem of the Curio already.
Just saying it is a pity and I might go for another pocket bin because of that.
What a strange problem. I have a 7x21 Curio and so far it’s been a great binocular, but now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. There was another thread on this several months ago, at first I was skeptical as mine were so good, but enough credible posters chimed in with the exact same problem, that I became a believer. I just don’t get how a company as good as Swarovski can screw the pooch like this. It would seem that making a secure focus knob would be one of the easiest jobs.
This is the Internet effect: every problem is blown out of proportion. If you read the forum, all binoculars have a massive flaw.
And this is true: I have a blue ring in my SF, my Victory 8x25 focus wheel felt, the NL Pure has some flare sometimes, my Leica 8x32 BA focuser stopped working, my SFL 8x40 IPD setting is too hard, the SFL 8x30 had kidney beans, the Curio metal design and accessories are not optimal...

And yet, I enjoy using them and the Curio are incredible up to the point where they could be my only binoculars.

If you want something that will never fail, do not buy it or do not use it.
Absolut - this thing is a joy, today is was the first time a kind of a toy, after had a nl 12 in hands before and forgot i had the curio in my pocket too - haha - but its such a fine instrument which can follow you everywhere :)

But there is no question that focusknop is really a poor thing for swaro - how this can happen to so many units, if its tested over some time, it is really strange.
Sometimes, even with a reputable firm, the customer turns out to be the final inspector.
Indeed. For instance, the focuser of the Ultravid 8x20 I bought new a few years ago before the Curio was very firm.
I used a Lego Mindstorm robot to turn it both ways for a few days just to get it right. I could have them exchanged but it was more fun this way ;)

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