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Dates for the 6-day trip Holland in April. (1 Viewer)


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Dates are below!

Hey guys!

In the spring of 2017 I did 6 days of intensive birding in 6 provinces in Holland to see how many species I could find per province. I did 6 of these days in the end of march and another 6 in the end of May.

So, in 2018 I will be doing this again. But this time, I'd like to invite one or two people to join me. To keep your costs as low as possible you can stay with me for free and have dinner with me and my family.

- What do I expect of you?

I'm asking for a small contribution for the expenses e.g. petrol, lunch etc.(+-25-30€ per day)
You don't have to be really fit, but I'll be doing about 5-7 miles of flat terrain walking per day.
Coöperation, these days are high pace birding, from dawn till dusk.

- What can you expect from me?

I have my own transportation, I can pick you up from train/airport up to 1 hour from Zoetermeer.
The 2017 6 days both turned up a list of 147 species, I'm going to push it for 150 this year. (detailed list upon request available)

Don't expect much, I can only offer my own bed and/or a matrass or
couch. But it's free

You can join us for dinner or if were late for dinner we can grab a bite on
the way(then we'll share the costs of course)

- The birds
I usually see between 75 and 100 species per day totalling 147. Most species are seen very nicely, but others are only a flash of a second.

- When and how
Please be aware that I am a college student and I can't give you exact dates just yet, only an indication: 1st 6 days, 30/03 -- 02/04 + 07/04 and 08/04.
2nd 6 days, 05/05 + 06/05 + 10/05 -- 13/05
On the days in between, when I'm at college, you can visit birding spots yourself if you rent a car, or go to The Hague or Amsterdam which are really close.
Keep in mind, these are indications. I'm also reliable on weather, if I've got a day off but it's raining I'll take you out birding anyway but not on a "province day".
I can provide exact dates 2 months prior to above dates.

So, in short, a very cheap, very personal birding trip with up to 150 species but with some uncertainty for now.

I can take two participants with me. The further away your from the nicer (more lifers etc)

Interested or more info? Send me a PM or leave a message below!

The dates for the "big days" will be (2 of these dates will be something else than a "big day" since we're pretty dependant on the weather for these):
12/04, 14/04, 15/04, 16/04, 17/04, 19/04, 21/04, 22/04.

Let me know if your interested, there is one place available.

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