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The 2 Wrens persist. The pair of Stonechats appears sporadically. Will 2020 witness more breeding of this charismatic species ? 2019’s ‘Beast’ ensured their failure.

With notable (?) sightings on only 5 days, this still may’ve been less excruciatingly soul-destroying than the same month a year ago ( - albeit without the beetle !

Never mind, the days will soon begin to lengthen - slowly, but perceptibly - and we can look forward to Spr*ng. Possibly.

Guest photographer, Rob Holmes, provided the wonderful shot of the Chiffchaff - the only warbler this month.

27: Chiffchaff (briefly, then ↑S over grazing meadow), 7 Tundra Bean Geese in/off (then ↑W).
20: 10 Blackbirds (8+♂♂, ≤2♀♀), following a morning of relentless rain.
19: ♂ Blackbird. (Why couldn’t it’ve been a different species of thrush with ‘black’ in its name ? There is a berry-bearing Cotoneaster here, too.)
5: Snow Bunting.
4: Great White Egret ↑W, 2 Snow Buntings.


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