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Does the Head Rest help on the NL 8x42? (2 Viewers)

John Cantelo

Well-known member
I've no experience with using the headrest with 8x42s but find that with my 10x42s it makes the specification usable in the field for me. The 'tripod' formed by resting the bins on eye sockets (or spectacle lenses) and forehead combined with the wonderful, firm 'gripiness' of the NL's 'coke-bottle body' enables me to keep the instrument distinctly more steady than would otherwise be the case.
I have had my NL Pure 8x42 for four months now and I have found the headrest pretty useless in the wintertime. You cannot use it with beanie and also it feels cold when you place it to your forehead - very unconfrontable. Maybe in the summertime when you dont have to wear beanie it would be useful.
For me on 10x42 NL it is quite helpful for several different reasons: 1) I am an eye glass wearer, I just don't like eye cups scratch my glass and the head rest solved the problem. 2) The pupil placement is somewhat sensitive. With the head rest, I can quickly adjust to the right stand-off distance to avoid the "black bean" effect due to getting too close, and to lock in the lateral placement for a beautiful wide-field view. 3) Reduction in vibration is noticeable but not dramatic, it probably reduced the shaking to the level of an unsupported 8x42 level or slightly better, which is good enough for me. Of the three, 1) and 2) are more important to me then 3) and makes the 10x42 NL enjoyable to use as a pair of binoculars that has 10x the mag but the field-of-view of 8x. Being from the astro side used to Ethos eyepieces, I enjoy the wide field-of-view. In comparison, NL is not that wide, but among the best unless one goes to the extreme of getting a Nikon WX (which is not really a birding bino with individual focus, 2x the weight, and 2x the bulkiness). Haibo

Gijs van Ginkel

Well-known member
On the cloudy nights binocular forum, one of the participants has published theoretical and measured resolutions of different binoculars among others the NL pure 8x42 and the Nikon WX10x50. In all circumstances except for free hand use and supported the 8x42 NL pure as the best or second and, when second, beaten by the Nikon WX 10x50. The results also show higher resolution of the NL pure 8x42 upon using the head rest.
Gijs van Ginkel

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