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dont they ever misjudge? (1 Viewer)


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I was just wondering if raptors ever go after or attack prey that is more powerful then they are an have it back fire? LIke how do birds know what to attack and nont to attack? like for example theirs animals like fishers and bandgers and coons that are the size of a many prey species taken by raptors but im sure if a raptor attacked one of these animals it would wish it never have~! has anyone heard of stuff like this happening? a raptor attacking something and having it turn the tables? IVE never heard of something like that happening (talking about bigger species here like eagles large owls etc..)
I've heard of Bald Eagles taking fish so large the eagles drown because they can't relax their talons. Don't know if this is a rural myth ;) or if it's actually happened, nor do I know whether the talon clutch of an eagle is an autonomic response that prevents them from releasing too-large prey. Rather a tangential answer to your question. ;) ;)
I've heard of eagles drowning that way also. Eagles have also caught fish but were unable to get airborne again due to it's weight. Then they were forced to swim to shore with their dinner.
There are rare accounts of crowned eagles attacking humans and those eagles seem to be juveniles - while adults are capable of doing so they generaaly would not tackle prey too large for them to carry though capable of killing baboons - juveniles seem to be more ambitious surprisingly.
Ospreys have tried to take on fish too large for them to carry.
I thinks with juveniles it's part of the learning process, they probably don't yet know their limits and are exploring which foods they can and cannot handle. Once they mature they have a pretty good idea that certain foods are a lot more hassle than they are worth, even if they are capable of taking them. A food that really fights back will be remembered and passed over for other creatures that are easier pickings.
I've heard of Bald Eagles taking fish so large the eagles drown because they can't relax their talons.

Don't know about bald eagles, but there are a few cases of ospreys drowned like that. I even saw an old photo of a Carp in fishing net, with rotting osprey carcass still attached by talons to its back!
I'm fairly sure there was a thread on here around 2 years ago with photographs of a rather mutilated osprey.

The osprey was alleged to have competed with an otter for a fish (I think it may have been witnessed by some men fishing) and needless to say, it lost.
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