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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Dr Manjeet Singhs Malayan Patch (1 Viewer)

"Oh great" Mable, I thought the only people who visit this thread is Christine, Manjeet and myself. When a person takes on a long term project like this it's surprising how much one little comment of encouragement is appreciated. Thanks mate, i'm putting you into my favourites list. I suppose it's the same feeling when one puts a picture in the gallery and no one makes a comment about it. Up to today I have posted fifty eight times and have edited ninety two of Manjeets stories so far. The full total of his stories, is one hundred and eighty one, so you see there is a long way to go. I just hope that Manjeet is able to print these out and turn them into some kind of book. One day when I can afford a new ink for my printer I will try to do that myself.
19th Oct 2006
Well the Haze and heat is back in Malaysia and when at my patch at 1pm it was unbearable, but the bug of birding had bitten me on the behind and after walking a mile up and down, panting and sweating I stopped under a small tree and it was here when I saw this little brown bird also panting. I just silently watched it while under that shaded tree and surprisingly it came closer to about twenty feet away from me. It sat there on the dried branch of the tree and kept looking it me, now even a dumb Singh like me can under stand why? I pointed my camera and fired away. I then though I saw it giving me a bow before going, or was it the heat effecting me.
(((or the drugs drugging me))) (Hee, hee).
It was a simple brown bird but all birds are beautiful to me. Hope you like it, I did and sweated buckets for this one.
Asian Brown Flycatcher Muscicapa dauurica.

25th Oct 2006
It is the time of holidays here in Malaya, first the festival of light for us Indians, and then the Idd holiday for the Muslims. So yesterday with my practice being closed, I headed for the Telor Gong. I landed up at the old lady's house, the one where Broc and I had photographed the Lace woodpecker. The thing the old lady asked was “where was Broc”. Brock is our B.F. member from Johore. Are you reading this Broc in Australia. I told her that he has been thinking of you all the time, she gave me a whack on the head and said, “you are a smooth criminal”. I gave her the sweets that I had brought for her grandchildren and then went off to her fruit tree, suddenly a brightly coloured bird wheeled in front of me and settled back on the lower branches. “Oh my” it was an Asian Paradise Flycatcher. The head was a blackish-blue. believe me, but the tail was not long. It was a difficult bird to get a good picture of Because it stayed in the middle of the canopy and the light wasn’t too good. I hope you like my beauty.
Asian Paradise-Flycatcher Terpsiphone paradisi

25th Oct 2006
Today work was a killer, patients after patient and the ringing of the cash box was real music to my ears, (ah-mean aren’t I) After I had shot 0pps I mean after I had seen all my patients (You cant blame me, too many comments in B.F.saying excellent shot). I left for my mud-flat and pond patch, the place where Changchun took those sneaky shots of me. On reaching the patch and feeling tired, I just sat under one of the stunted trees and lazed in its shade out of the sun. The weather was beginning to turn bleak when I saw the freaky Yellow-rumped flycatcher, the female again. Then as if by magic this beautiful bird was sitting just thirty feet away, all I had to do was click the shutter button. “Oh” the bird's beauty took my breath away and all my tiredness vanished in a instant.
After the picture I took a shot of a Tiger shrike and then galloped back to my practice with my sword swinging behind. lucky Wengchun, you were lucky that day I was not carrying my sword. (Ha). I hope you like this picture I ran back to post it, so you can also enjoy the beauty of this bird.
Plaintive Cuckoo Cacomantis merulinus
26th Oct 2006
Sunday I had got the male after telling the old lady in Telor Gong that Broc was fine, and today I went to my patch thinking I will see the plaintive cuckoo or the male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher. I sat at the edge of the Aru river bank at my patch near my practice, smelling the pungent odours of the dirty stream. I asked my self,
“what am I doing here”? and a voice in my head said, “don’t worry you’re not cuckoo yet, just carry on birding Manjeet”. It was then I saw a brown bird skim over the stream and take an insect from the water (do these birds do this) and went and perched across the river about sixty feet away on a thick vine, it was the female Asian Paradise Flycatcher. (am I right, is this the female?). A bonus for me I guess. It was taken at a distance and hope all of you will like it.
Asian Paradise-Flycatcher Terpsiphone paradisi

30th Oct 2006
Went to my patch again at Telor Gong, Pandamaran, I was told by a small boy that he had seen a Black bird near the mangroves, I showed him the picture of the Black Baza and he confirmed it. I reached the bund area by eight am. It was a bit cloudy and soon after I started walking I saw my red turbaned one, the Common Flame-back Woodpecker. Then a few feet away the Sunda Woodpecker was hammering away on a palm tree, I got a picture but not very clear. Then I walked a couple of miles with my heavy load, No ale again, the brewery is still on leave. I must be getting old because I had to rest. Just as I sat down I looked to the left and there was the Black Baza setting on the mangrove side. I got my camera ready and adjusted the focus and just as I pressed the shutter button the “BLOODY” (sorry....heat and all that) bird flew off. I sat there cursing to high heaven. Before I had reached my car I saw this Blue-tailed Bee-eater. Well I thought, “beggars cant be choosers” so I took some pictures. well at least I got one clear picture but the bird was a bit ruffled with my statement, (beggars cant be choosers). Hope you like it because I just cant resist photographing these birds, they are so beautiful.
Blue-tailed Bee-eater. Merops superciliosus
31st Oct 2006
I was in two minds should I put up the picture or not-I feel the picture is not clear enough but on the other side the laughter it gave me was too much so decided that you’ll should share in the laughter.
Sunday as you know I had gone to Telor Gong and had posted my last picture(bee-eater) but the first picture was this. Reached the area at 8.10am-parked my car near the old ladies house and walked to the wooden house just 100 feet away-now the guy living in the house is a ex-solider(cpl) and was in Congo 1947-90yrs old may be a day younger-he knows that I was a Doctor in the army also a ex-captain-the salute he gives is the typical British one-and can you’ll imagine me carrying my scope camera ,tripod have to respond and many a time saw stars in the day time when the scope gives me a wack on the side of the head.
After seeing him walked about 15 feet saw the lacy on a palm tree-adjusted my focus and just about to press the shutter it flew then heard a loud roar of disappointment-
looked behind me 10 feet away were about 27 people the old man and his brood were following me-a four yr old girl child came forward and sadly said-TIDAK DAPAT(mean you didn’t get it) I shook my head and then she seriously pointed to the next tree -I saw the lacy there. Galloped after it-just 20feet I stopped and adjusted the focus-I felt it was going to be the best shot of my life-just as I clicked the shutter-the stupid bird flew-this time heard a howl of anguish from the 27 people behind me(just 10feet behind me they had followed me)-looked back with anger but saw this little girl with a little finger on her lips telling every one to shush-called them all over and the old man whispered in my ear-he is on the next tree-the whisper was louder as fox hunting horn.
This time told them don’t move and moved nearer the tree-saw it through the scope it was busy eating ants and had partly covered his eye with a membrane-seen in the shot. Took 2 shots and it flew away quickly turned with my sad hound dog look -looked at them-all of them were almost ready to weep, esp. the little girl-then I just gave a load HA-all of them started cheering as if they had got the shot them self-showed all 27 people the picture on the L.C.D-it looked o.k. but had to post it-guys and girls 27 (me included) people and the LITTLE GIRL took this shot. Hope you like it.Regards.
Laced Woodpecker Picus vittatus

Tanny 31st Oct 2006
Youre an absolute "Cadbury fruit and nut case" Wish I could put a smily here.
I've read many of your reports but have never made a comment, just had to this time.
Thanks sport for all the funny stories and excellent pictures.
Oct 2006
Thank you very much...
Tanny thank you for the comment in the Lace & Laughter...well since I was seven years old I made a promise always to laugh and then became a Doctor. I see sixty to seventy patients a day, every day, they come to me sad but when they leave they have a smile on their faces. No matter how bad the case, if I can ease their agony (certain cases) with laughter. I don’t give them hope but show them how to live with the pain and have laughter with their family. I then believe I have achieved my goal and to me it’s the same in birding, why not have laughter with such beautiful gift’s of nature. Birds and birding eases my mind and soul and laughter makes it all worth while, even one laugh. That’s me Tanny. “Laugh Life is short.”
Regards. Oh keep your comments coming you hear.
1st Nov 2006
Well from the title you should guess how much trouble I had in getting the pictures of this warbler. I went to my Mud-flat and pond patch at five pm and sat down at my usual place beside the Aru river. I am beginning to miss the smell(ah). On looking across I saw a movement on a dead tree just across the river, then I saw this tiny little birds rushing around and suddenly they flew across to my side, just about fifteen feet away from me. Quickly I adjusted my scope and camera and then the fun started, they were never still and it must have been about twenty minuets before one of them rested long enough for me to snap a few pictures. They just kept running around the tree on the top branches and after about thirty minuets of this I was panting and my knees were wobbly and I just had to have a rest. It was then one of them came out and set looking at me and I did manage to get two pictures, the second being this one I have posted. There was almost an hour between the first pictures and the last ones and there is a lot of difference between the two picks due to the Light. This was another first sighting of this bird and even though the vines were there I was pleased with the results. I hope you are also.
Arctic Warbler Phylloscopus borealis

2nd Nov 2006
Today when I walked into my patch this bird saw me and started a racket which could be heard for miles around and then followed me about. When I got the picture of the female Plaintive Cuckoo, the Shrike started up again. I then started walking back and just before reaching my car he was there again, but this time he posed on the branch almost begging me to take his picture. So my friends what could I do but take a picture, and believe me, it looked at me for a minute and then silently flew away. With a beautiful bird and the sun shinning I felt happy and in peace. Regards it wanted you to see it's pictures I guess.
Brown Shrike Lanius cristatus

2nd Nov 2006
Well To-day I went back to my patch looking for the Chestnut-winged Cuckoo again, and waited like a cuckoo in the hot sun on the bank of the Aru river. It wasn’t long after getting there when I saw the female Cuckoo from across the river, it would be a long shot but when I looked through the scope and said, “Breast Out, breath in, Hold it” and took the picture, the female did what I told her to do. I had photographed the male the other day, and today the female, but she is a bit shy and sat so far away. That’s why the picture is at a distance.
Plaintive Cuckoo(Female) Cacomantis merulinus

6th Nov 2006
This Sunday I was working in the morning and afterwards reached home and had lunch. We made plans to go to the Mall in the evening, to shop for my son's birthday next week. I told my wife I will just pop out for a couple of hours to do some birding and surprisingly both my ((tricksters)) children volunteered to go with me. I was wondering why. Anyhow we left for Tmn Santosa area just 3 miles from my house. I haven’t been there for ages, about five months ago. When I reached the patch, I found it reduced by half because a factory dealing with stones has established a base there.
I went in with both my children and just about fifty feet away there was tall grass and a few trees, behind it all I saw these little ones feeding. Both the kids started jumping up and down in excitement but a dirty look from me settled them down.
Got the male in focus picked my fat little one up (oh my back) and showed her the bird through the view finder, and readjusted the focus the sight and told her to press the remote button, “Hey-presto she photographed the bird.
All of us were laughing and I had this good feeling when my kids are around me.
It was then my son quietly said, “I hope you don’t mind Dad, I am calling my fifteen friends along (for my birthday) to the place where they have an indoor football field, and Dad of cause after the game we will be hungry, can we then order pizza's.” (now you know why I call them ((tricksters)) I was enjoying the birding and my son knew that was the best time to ask. With a serious face I said, “I believe, YOU CAN”. After that all they wanted was to GO home. (crooks I believe).
Well my youngest daughter Roshani did take this shot. (pss-will surprise her tonight when I show her the picture in Bird forum)
Baya Weaver Ploceus philippinus

7th Nov 2006
It was not a very busy day yesterday and I waited for the clock to strike four thirty before scooting off to my Aur river patch. I sat down on the bank of the river, (enjoying the fragrance of human folly.!) (rubbish dumped in the river.)
Then I heard the breaking of branches behind me and who do you think was visiting ? My young friend, a new father of one. Jason Tan, our very own B.F. member, carrying his whole set up. He plonked himself beside me and you know! I was glad he was there, it made a change from talking to the bushes and the monitor lizards. We talked of birds of course and he rattled of so many names that my mind was in a spin.
Suddenly I saw a Lesser Coucal flying across to our bank, we started galloping after it. I don’t blame people from laughing when they see us. Can you imagine a hairy bear of a Singh with a huge contraption on his shoulder galloping along with a white hairless male Chinese, carrying the same equipment, and also galloping. Who wouldn’t laugh, I know I would.
We never found the Coucal so we returned back to the river with me panting all the way, I recon I must be getting old, or is it the Ale that makes me unfit!
Before we sat down, Jason said, “Dr.Manjeet, (I wish all my friend would drop the word doctor and only call me Manjeet). there is a Common Sandpiper across the river on the mud bank”. Quickly we got ourselves a bit closer and started taking pictures. I was about forty feet away while jason was about ten feet closer to the bird. I didn’t want to get closer for it may have cause the bird to bolt. Well he is a migrant to my mud-flats..
Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos
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9th November 2006
To-day at 1pm it was raining cats and dogs with thunder and lightening thrown in, so I couldn’t go birding. During my tea break-at 4 pm the rain stopped but it was still cloudy. At 4.30pm I bolted for my patch. As I drove, the words of my young friend, (Jason Tan, our B.F. member) came to me. He told me he had brought a birder a couple of days ago to my patch and they saw the sandpipers and my young friend got ready to take pictures, he then noticed this birder holding his nose, Jason asked, aren’t you taking any pictures, the birder in a “LOUD VOICE” said, “are you joking, the mud-flat is so dirty and smelly and the little water in the pond is so black” (it was low tide then) and he walked off. I felt sad at first and I told Jason, “who makes the place dirty, Man does, who destroys their habitat, Man does. The poor birds are trying to live in these conditions- I admire the birds. Then I got angry and told him to tell his friend, “YOU CAN MEAN MOUTH ME, NO PROBLEM, OR MY PRACTICE OR MY FRIENDS, BUT DONT SPEAK BAD ABOUT MY PATCH”, it is a shooting matter. “Aargh”, the next time I see him I will shoot him on sight and upload his picture in the Bird forum and let them be the Judge. “Aargh”. By then I had reached my patch and got my gear from out of the boot and wandered into my favourite birding place. The huge pond was full up to the brim and on my left the Aur River was a 40 foot raging torrent with just a foot below the bank, the first time I had ever seen it this high. I had only walked about twenty feet when I saw the Black-crowned Night Heron perched on the tree at high water level, I took a few pictures and then noticed the Purple heron about 50 feet away on the pond side swallowing a fish. Just twenty feet away from me was a tree branch that had broken and was leaning in the pond. As quick as I could, and keeping the tree between me and the bird I reached the trunk. On peering round I saw the bird was cat-napping, and I took a few shots of the dozing bird. Then taking a twig in my left hand I refocused and readied the remote control and while looking through the view-finder I snapped the stick. “Wow”, it opened his mouth and eyes, I clicked the remote, the bird saw me, and with loud “kaw”, flew away. I doubled up with laughter, some sentry he was. In the past he frequently spoilt my birding, but I GOT YOU THIS TIME .On looking up I could see that I was in for a wetting. I dumped all my things into my black plastic bin bag and slung it over my shoulder, then the heavens opened up and by the time I reached the road I was all soaked and my Tilley’s where flopping down my ears. (Guys it's not water proof-ah) and my boots were full of water. When waiting for a large van to pass I got another drenching. I trudged over to my car, put my things on the back seat and set in the front and removed my boots and poured a gallon of water out of them. I then removed my saturated socks and squeezed them as dry as I could, then I rolled my track suit bottoms up to my knees and drove back to my practice bare footed. I had forgotten what time it was and on reaching my practice I slung the bin bag over my shoulders and with boots in hand walked in my practice in my bare feet. Oh my God there were 10 patients waiting, I gave them a sheepish smile, but then this chap (who always brings his wife and cracks sick jokes) gets up with a flourish and said, “Dr Singh oh my is this a new fashion”. (I, all soaking wet in my bare feet-GRRR) “No” I said “I had gone for a Post-Mortem”, (me being the C.S.I). “Oh” he said, “what are your carrying in the huge bin bag”. (I have got big eyes and my eye-lashes are long) ,I widened my eyes and made a sad long face and said, “Oh the BODY is in the bag”. He turned green and sickly and tottered back to his seat. In the pin drop silence I sneaked into my room, and as I closed the door, one of the patients said, “Don’t worry the Doc has been birding” and then there was a howl of laughter from nine throats (including his wife). I collapsed with laughter. I hope you like the picture but it took me 1hr to write the story (one finger typing).
Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea)
Well done Tanny.

I have forgotten so much that had happened to Manjeet , hes a walking disaster zone in the nicest possible way. He has been such a help to me over the past few years.

I am suprised Tanny that you haven't been taken to the Docs Surgery due to laughing too much at all these "Tales of Manjeet".

Don't feel downhearted that this is not appreciated ,IT IS, when you look it has had 1,400+ views..

Many great tales here....I know many people have been reading them, he certainly is one of a kind. Whenever I'm going through a heavy workload and need a break, I look at this thread.
I spent yesterday afternoon with the Doc, I arrived at 12, only supposed to spend an hour or two there as he is a busy man as we all know (?), finally managed to pull myself away a shade before 7pm! I met his best friend from school and family, his best friend from another school and his family, then the receptionists family and another best friend from somewhere else, then my head just got in too much of a spin to remember the others!

Thank you Marmot and James, your support is what I was looking for, not just for my personal reasons but for Manjeet also, because I had read through his writing his great love and regards towards both of you. As I continue deciphering Manjeets writing I am being drawn slowly into understanding his psychology and I have nothing but utmost admiration for the guy. I can see the great devotion he has to his patients, the turmoil of his mind when they are called by their Gods. He then needs to get out into the wilderness to rejuvenate his mind. His great sense of humour is another kind of escape valve, and the amusing responses from readers is a stimulant for him to continue. When I started this project I never realised just how absorbing it would turn out to be. Although I initiated the start of this thread I now feel that there is a higher force pushing me onwards, and I am obeying willingly. Manjeet, may your spiritual guide forever collaborate with mine.
13th Nov 2006
Since Friday it has been raining buckets, and for three whole days I didn’t manage to go birding. The twitching has started, with just mild tremors so far. Today it has stopped for a while. With one hour for lunch break I went to my patch but nothing out of the ordinary there. Then in the evening at 5pm I bolted for my mud-flat and pond patch. It was cloudy but no sign of rain.
On reaching my patch I saw three cows grazing there, I walked up to the last one who was deep in my patch because I had seen a small bird on the ground behind the cow. I was a bit apprehensive about the cow because of its needle sharp looking horns but as I hadn’t seen the bird before I threw caution to the wind and walked up to about two feet from the cow who promptly turned and cocked her tail and let go the artillery mass of cow pie, I jumped just in time and she gave me a dirty look and trotted away. “Oh thank you, you---“. I tip toed toward's the bird, and about thirty feet away saw it was a cuckoo but didn’t know what species it was. I clicked away a few shot before the cuckoo flew away.
Then above in the sky the clouds had became black and threatened rain, so I decided to run to my car. Stupid me, I had forgot about the cow. Just as I was nearing the road I heard this stampeding behind me, looking back I saw the cow was charging me. I ran like hell to the Indian temple steps and whipped the door shut and heard the thud of horns on the woodwork. I had to wait at least an hour in the Temple, periodically peeping out to see if it was clear, and it was only when a man arrived to take the cows away did I give a sigh of relief and go out. I gave the man a piece of my mind and shook my fist at the cow
Little Bronze Cuckoo Chrysococcyx minutillus

14th Nov 2006
It has been raining here since Friday and thankfully it stopped yesterday before lunch-so where would an addict like me go for his “Bird Fix”, to my mud-flat patch of course, the one near my practice. I felt a great uplift of relief after so long with no birding. I walked around my patch, but! No birds, not one could be seen or heard, but I didn’t care for I was out birding. As I walked back after an hour at the edge of the pond in the tall grasses(Lalang) I saw twelve or more tiny birds weaving through the grasses. On looking through the scope they all appeared to be Scaly-breasted Munias, suddenly one tiny bird flew up and sat exposed on a grass stem. It was a Chestnut Munia, the only one among the lot. Dear friends I can never get the black head right and the poor little thing looked wet. So to get the kick of birding I took a few pictures. Please don’t start kicking me if the shot is bad.
Chestnut Munia Lonchura atricapilla

15th Nov 2006
To-day I had a meeting at 1pm in the a private Hospital. It was a talk on Flatulence and believe me the talk was all flatulence and did make me snore. I only went there for the free lunch and to ogle the young nurses(do you believe that). Now for functions like this I have to wear my Turban and I choose a bright blue one this time. By two thirty pm I was back at my practice, sadly it was still raining. (I tried to contact God to ask him to stop the rain but impossible his priests blocked the message). may be he did hear (my God does that some times) because the rain stopped and it was a birding I will go.
I wore no Tilly hat as I still had my Turban on, I also carried the bin-bag just in-case. When I walked into my patch I met my kith and kin, (one of our far distant relatives, or so they say) also wearing blue (head). I took a few pictures and then the Guy up there couldn’t hold on to his water any more. Quickly I bagged up my equipment and ran for the car. As they say, “the Heavens opened up” and I swear I heard laughter from above or was it a peal of thunder. (my God does have a sense of humour you know). I got truly drenched and with my soggy Turban around my neck I bolted for my practice (the first time for ages for me to be back early.) Third time lucky I would say and Do you know! I really enjoyed the 20mins of birding.
Asian Paradise-Flycatcher Terpsiphone paradisi
18th Nov 2006
Since the purple Heron was caught napping, (see my gallery) I haven’t been disturbed much at my patch, but yesterday when I went to the patch and just as I stepped in the two resident kingfisher put up a huge racket, thus no birds seen. Today heavy rain in the afternoon but cleared up by four thirty so I ran to my patch for a quick birding, or so I hoped. Before going in I looked through the scope and saw the poor Purple heron at the end of the patch about three hundred feet away, with his head only visible. The poor chap has been demoted. Then just as I stepped in these Laughing Hyenas started up again. I shook my fist at them and plodded on through the mud, but no birds were seen. The clouds were building up again so I decided to get back. It was just before the exit when I saw a movement on a wooden pole and saw a long beak peeping out. Gradually I moved closer and under the branch I saw one of the new sentries. I took my time for he hadn’t seen me. After I took the picture I laughed at him and the poor chap bolted from there, cursing. I liked the hidden view of the bird and love the natural look of the branches-I hope your thoughts will be the same. I wonder who will be the next sentry to my patch.
White-throated Kingfisher Halcyon smyrnensis
Don't be discouraged Tanny, keep up the good work. I've been keeping up to date with your efforts and the Doc's stories even if not posting in the thread - so have many others for that matter - you just have to look at how many times the thread has been viewed 1,488 so far!

Another bonus is that the thread introduces the Doc to many members who may not otherwise hear of his hilarious birding adventures as not everyone visits the Gallery regulalry.
Good on yer sport, no worries I will be here till the end. Like you say, this thread could bring the Doc to many more members and his healing with laughter will spread throughout the world, and dare I say it! With everyone in the world laughing then the world will be in peace.

20th Nov 2006
James Eaton (B.F. member from U.K.) arrived here on Friday and during lunch we made plans to go toTmn Rimba Ampang on Sunday. James hadn’t been there before. I got to his hotel at a quarter to eight and the Hotel was right smack in middle of Kuala Lumpur. I called him to say we were waiting down below, and I got out of the car to stretch my legs. What a mistake that was, can you imagine all those people hurrying here and there and seeing a sight like me standing there, a Singh with a Tilley hat, and wearing a track suit with the bottoms tucked into the socks. All eyes kept reverted to me and some surprised looks were thrown my way. I could almost hear the thoughts, “who is this Mad Man”!
It didn’t bother me though, then I saw this Lone Ranger coming towards me with an infectious smile on his face and a long, one foot cylinder hung at his right hip and another long one on his left hip, and with his DSLR dangling down from the waist in front. (Ha-ha) Oh I laughed. I greeted him with “Kima Saabi me Tonto”. “What on earth are you carrying” he said, It’s my water bottle on the right and a sound recording devise on the left”. Well it dawned on me then that I was with a expert so I didn’t ask what was dangling in front (Now-now don’t be naughty, you hear, I may be a novice but I knew it was a Cannon. (hee-hee).
We reached Tmn Rimba after having breakfast at a small shop where all the female staff kept looking at our Lone Ranger. James and I were trying to see the Blue-banded Kingfisher, but nada, our other companion decided to head back before lunch to F.R.I.M. which he hadn’t seen before. Just before reaching the car there was a loud sound heard by both of us, and just mid-way among the tall trees we saw a red head accompanied with loud Ki.Kiiiiii sound, and a drum roll. The Woodpecker had started pecking for grubs. Oh why do they always have red on the head, lucky I wasn’t wearing my Red Turban. The weather was cloudy and some stray sun was peeping through and since we don’t have a picture of this bird in the data base I am uploading it but I am sorry for the poor quality. I didn’t know what woodpecker it was but no fear, James the Expert shouted, “Manjeet its an Orange-Backed Wood pecker”. Another first for me. I always try to go birding with James when he is here in the hope that some of his birding talents will rub off on me.

Male Orange-backed Woodpecker, Reddish under parts(red Under wear it means-lol) and crown and a striking orange back that flashes in flight-unbelievably if seen.
Orange-Backed Woodpecker (male). Reinwardtipicus validus

21st Nov 2006
Well John M this is for you, to chase the gloomy winter away and to remind you that Spring is just round the corner you hear. After we left Tmn Rimbat K.L. we decided to go to F.R.I.M.. About an hours drive from Ampang, it was turning cloudy and we, James and I were hoping to catch a glimpse of the Masked Finfoot at this place, but it was a big No. During our walk through a trail with no birds in sight, it started to rain and we bolted to the car and drove around, and reached the pond area where the Masked Finfoot was sighted last year. By then the rain had stopped and I was again, huffing and puffing behind the young man, James. It was when I took a rest I saw across the pond, this Kingfisher, another first in my collection. I got as close as I could and the shutters clicked away, I took plenty of pictures but what I like about this one is the green around it, just like spring. So thus, one picture for you John to chase the gloom away. I was about seventy feet from the bird and my friends the kowa did surprise me with its shot. Big bill, head brown becoming light rufus on breast, abdomen and hindneck;blue-wings and brighter blue back with a longish tail. Stork-billed Kingfisher Pelargopsis capensis.

23rd Nov 2006
“Rain-rain go away, come again another day”. Well people it has been raining here since Tuesday and then the rain stopped at five pm today and I bolted for my patch. Just at the entrance, there he was, I nodded to him and he nodded back then he made me a offer I couldn’t refuse, “put my picture on bird forum today (mind you Dr.Singh my best profile you hear), I will let you go in without the other birds knowing”. How could I refuse. He nodded and posed with that infectious grin of his. Well guys and girls after that I went in but no birds, I think he conned me. Hope you like his best profile.
White-throated Kingfisher Halcyon smyrnensis

26th Nov 2006
It has been raining again and yesterday it eased off as I closed for the day, so it was off to my patch for me. Just as I entered my patch saw a small movement at the edge of the pond in the tall grasses. I stopped and looked carefully and saw this new sentry-about thirty five feet away. The bird had seen me but froze, thinking I hadn’t seen him. I waited there for ages and he didn’t move, then I gave up and, “SHOT HIM RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES”. I just wanted to show you how some birds try to fool us. Then I gave a loud laugh and off he went. Liked the background and off cause his eyes.
Yellow Bittern Ixobrychus sinensis.

27th Nov 2006
The Gods have been unkind down here-rain, rain and rain again. To-day at 5pm I saw no rain so went to my patch. I had decided that I will not sneak in today. So on reaching my patch I walked in singing at the top of my voice, a limerick (dirty) about a Singh birding.(-one day will sing for you only hope the Admin & Mods don’t boot me out of B.F.) Right away I saw the Purple Heron sitting at the end of the pond, and an Egret sitting on the top of a tree, and there was no panic from any of them. I continued singing until there came this lady friend of mine who hopped from inside a small tree and perched there with cocked head as though she was listening to my song. Still singing I stopped about twenty feet away and got my T.D.1 ready. Still no panic and I fired away with a heart full of laughter.As I finished my song,this lady of mine nodded and flew away.So remember some times no sneaking pays doesn’t it. This is the closest that have ever got to this bird.
Plaintive Cuckoo(Female) Cacomantis merulinus

30th November 2006
Who reminds you of what bird?

Wild Imagination or Just a silly thread but Laughter is there.

Yesterday I had this experience that I wont forget. please don’t laugh yet.
The First patient I saw yesterday was about five foot one inch tall with a thick patch of greyish-white hair on his ear lobes, he had short, upstanding grey hair on his head and was about fifty years of age. And had small, beady eyes and had quick movements. He looked like someone I had seen many times.
He sat down and told me, “Doc, I have heard of your sense of humour but please don’t laugh, I have a swelling on my Left Butt. So with a serious face I let him lay down on my examination couch and turned him over. My mind kept telling me that I knew this chap and have seen him many times before. He had quite a swelling, an Abscess, so I took him to my minor Operating Table to lance it. It was just as I lanced the abscess when I remembered where I had seen him before. I quickly did what I had to do, lanced and drained and slapped a dressing on it and then collapsed laughing. Finally, he asked me, “why are you laughing” I said, “Do you really want to know, and do you have a sense of humour”. “yes” he said. He went out and took his medication and waited for me. I took him to a tree outside the practice where six or more Common House Sparrows were sitting and pointed out to him the old male bird, after a moment his eyes turned wide and he turned around and started to laughing and said ”Doc I do look like a sparrow-so you can call me Mr. Sparrow from now on” we both laughed and off he went.
Then I went in and set down, my staff came in and said, “where is your friend”, I said “he’s not my friend but a new patient.” “but doctor” she said “HE DIDNT PAY”. Groin, Well you win some and you lose some.
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8th Dec 2006
Hold it Guys and Girls before you strangle me with my own turban, I know the picture isn’t that good but what could I do. Since 29th of November it has been raining here. This morning the sky was over cast and by 11.40am it started to rain and by 1pm it was raining cats and dogs and it would stop at about 3pm and start up again till 7pm, (my break time)till 6th of December. I think my God is on diuretic's. I know how can I talk of God this way but I am sure my God is laughing and he has a sense of Humour, if he didn’t then why did he sent a follower of his like me down here .
So on 6th Dec. at 5.30pm the urge to twitch the shutter button over rode me and off I went to my patch. It was overcast. I didn’t go into my patch because it was knee deep in mud. So sat at the edge of the pond were the water drains out into the Aur river. After 30mins, who do you think tip-toed into view, It was the White-breasted Water-hen. The light was fading but a ray of sun light hit the pond and reflected on the bird on the other side (right towards me) I couldn’t help it I twitched and pressed the shutter. After three shots the bird saw me and dived into the lilies. So I got up and put every thing into my bin bag and went to the car and lo again it started pouring buckets from the sky. I reached the car and shook my fist at the Guy upstairs and told him you cant keep a good man down. I got my bird you hear. Well I hope all of you will forgive me if the picture is not up to the mark but what could I do, I needed a birding fix.
White-breasted Water-hen Amaurornis phoenicurus
11th Dec 2006
I have been trying to get as close as possible to this little Sandpiper and had missed him twice when I passed him at the entrance of the patch, so even though it was a dull day I decided to visit my area, and reached it at 5pm,the setting sun was behind me as I sneaked to the place where I had seen him at last time. It was just behind the wild bush covered by creepers and I saw him there, bouncing up and down. (do they always do this jig.) I got him in focus and clicked the shutter, My friends, I could see the surprised look on his face. With laughter bubbling in my heart, I told him, “got you my friend”.
Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos

11th Dec 2006
Still laughing at the sandpiper I trudged on into the knee deep mud, and it was just as I reached the tree with the fallen branch that leaned into the pond when I saw him, and stopped. When I had finished focusing I saw him spear a fish from the pond. It was the first time I had ever seen a bird spearing a fish, I almost forgot to click the shutter. “Wow, yes, I caught him beak-handed”. The fish was a Japanese Carp, I wonder how that got into this, not too clean pond.
Chinese Pond Heron Ardeola bacchus

11th Dec 2006
On Saturday I was feeling restless because I was taking my daughter for admission to a Private Collage on Sunday for her “A" levels "(p.s. probably restless because thinking of the dent it is going to make in my bank balance-lol-
.Told my wife I will go birding in the morning and will be back by 12 noon and then at 2.00pm will go to the Collage in Subang Jaya. So off I went in the morning, and reached the mangroves in Telor Gong. Mud-mud-everywhere, for every foot I took when trying to climb the bund I slipped back two. But once you are bitten in the butt by the birding bug you don’t give up so easily. So I decided to invade a small village near by. Next to the last house in the village I saw a palm trees plantation with just a few trees. I stumbled and slipped through the mud and leaned again a palm tree, huffing and puffing. Ay guys, its torture with all the weight I carry. I had just decided to go forward again when this eagle came and sat on the palm leave just about twenty five feet away. (“My God is looking after me”) I only managed to take three picture before the eagle saw the Singh and off it flew. By the way, after the first shot the restless feeling disappeared you hear.
Creasted Serpent Eagle Spilornis cheela

19th Dec 2006
Well Guys and Girls my internet server had crashed for four days so you can imagine what state I was in and especially as it also has been raining on and off all the time.
I did manage to go birding once but still felt grumpy because I couldn’t see your birds in the Bird Forum. Now today the rain had stopped at 12noon and I got out to go birding. I reached my patch and found it very wet and as I enter I have to go pass a large ten foot stand of reeds at the beginning of the pond on my right, and also an old heap of bricks about 5 feet high, left after the repairs to the Indian temple. With a smile on my face and construction shoes on my feet, I felt like I was living again. Just as I passed the reeds I caught a flash of brown among them, I continued to walk for a bit , then turned back, and as I passed the reeds again I saw a small brown bundle of feathers. I walked passed and sat down near the brick heap. Slowly I pushed my tripod and kowa out and eased my self behind it and waited. Again I slowly sat down and adjusted my camera. There he was, just twenty two feet away, and boy, if looks could kill I would be dead and buried. I took a few shots and stayed sitting there for over an hour and in all that time he kept looking at me with his killer stare. I stared back and it became a game of see who breaks first. He knew I was there but did not move at all, just pretending to be a weed. All I was waiting for was him to turn so I could get a side view picture.
Yellow Bittern Ixobrychus sinensis.
Well it looked like this standoff may turn out to be a draw, but I had to go back to the practice by 2.10pm, to bathe and change, but this idiot was playing dare. I eventually decided to try something. I eased my left hand out in the grass while still viewing him through the view finder, and started looking for a stone or something else to throw and hoping my hand will not land in another cow pat. Finally groping blindly I found a small stone. (note the heap of bricks were on my right out of my reach). Now holding my remote in my right hand I threw the stone in the pond with my left. As the stone hit the pond with a small splash, the Bittern turned to look and my friends the rest was history. I got you my feathered friend. I laughed aloud then and after giving me a dirty squawk, the bird flew away. Could I please pat my back for a good picture, ‘pleaeeess’.
Yellow Bittern Ixobrychus sinensis.
27th Dec 2006
I have being down with a Viral infection of the throat for the last 10days, thus on Sunday after closing my practice at 1.p.m. I decided to close my practice on the 25th, (Xmas) and allow another doctor to see my patients if necessary. Now folks because of the medication I couldn’t have a drink on my favourite day. (Woe is me, no Ale). So the best thing for me to do is go birding on Xmas and be back by evening to enjoy a good dinner in my friend's house with my family. (killing two birds with one stone so to speak. “oops don’t get angry it is just a saying”, where is the Xmas spirit, I am forgiven I hope. --this is how I coned my family-lol).
We left at 8 am for F.R.I.M., a place quite easy to explore with good roads. After some aimless walking with my brewery, no Ale, food only. My companion pointed out a small bird on a huge tree. I looked through the binoculars, and what did I see, a very small Falconet on a huge branch. It had a little white on forehead, narrow white supercillium,large black ear-covert patch, without a collar, mostly white throat, black lower flanks and thighs. It was my first Falconet and I got so excited, just like a toddler with a bottle. I snapped away from about sixty feet, for the tree he was perched on was below the hill road. Oh I was in seventh heaven, hardly thirty minuets and I get this beauty. Now there was no stopping this Singh. It is not a close up but the bird looks beautiful. I hope you all like it too.
Black-thighed Falconet Microhierax fringillarius

Well after seeing the Falconet, my viral infection became history, so we trudged on in the hot sun and did see some birds, like the Banded Broad-bill at a distance. A Straw- headed Bulbul, but it was too quick for me. Then we decided to have lunch and I had a huge one and chased it down with plain water. “Sob-sob and a crying, sigh.” Then we decided to take the old guest house road. With no Spirit to drink I became high on XMAS SPIRIT(ha).Then I saw a bird flirting, yes flirting in the secondary jungle. Now people have you ever walked on a jungle floor completely covered with dry leaves, every step I took was like a crack of thunder, and every time I got ready to take a picture the bird moved away. Finally, after a mile or so it sat down and posing for me, but the light in the canopy was bad. I know nothing of lighting or exposure and all that I have learned is from all of you in Bird forum. The bird looked like a cuckoo but not to worry Craig Robson's is there to identify it. People I don’t know why I like this picture, I wonder, if it’s because it’s a first for me, or does the dark image appeal?. Hope you’ll will bear with me. Regards and Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.
Drongo Cuckoo Surniculus lugubris

30th Dec 2006
Moon Light,
Reflections of my Life...
Don’t laugh, haven’t you gotten up in the morning with a (((pisky))) tune humming in your head. I do. Ever since the earth-quake everything went slow (it is back to normal today) I couldn’t even see your pictures in the main gallery. So at my lunch break I went to my patch with this tune humming in my head like a Looney, and off cause I was singing it. I saw a pink necked pigeon and went as close as I could in all the mud and just as I was ready to take the picture, it flew away. With a sigh I looked around, the gooey mud was up to my ankles. I saw a tiny movement to my left and quite a way off, and there I watched my Yellow bittern just about ready to strike a fish., as he did so I also got a picture. The hearing of this bird is so acute and with the click of my shutter he turned and saw me. I couldn’t help myself and shouted, “GOT YOU” The poor fellow gave me a look that would kill and flew away. Now I know why the song “See the reflection” was in my mind.
Yellow Bittern Ixobrychus sinensis.

1st Jan 2007
The Changing of Sun light, Well even though it was a public holiday I was working. A steady stream of patients since I came in first thing in the morning. I looked up as I saw the last patient, the time was past midday. I changed into my birding cloths and picked up my bag, kowa and tripod and stepped out of my room and saw up to fifteen patients waiting for their medication etc. Suddenly an old lady of seventy five years of age and five feet tall dashed in and said “Dr Singh, Dr Singh, my hen has got a problem”. She was holding the hen under her arm. I (((groined))) groaned for she was the lady who lived just behind my practice. Before I could tell her that I was a doctor for humans, she caught my arm and dragged me back into my room. So while glaring at my sitting patients I followed her inside. She said, “there is some thing hard in my hen's behind” and immediately stuck her index finger into the hens backside, and shouted,” I can feel it”.
So I had to put my kowa down and put on my disposable gloves, and while she held the bird I inserted my gloved finger in the bird's rear orifice, then I burst out laughing “Your hen is going to lay a egg Lady”. I saw the surprise on her face and then ushered her out, chucking my glove in the bin. Before she reached the door the hen gave a loud squawk. I think the old lady's fingering of the bird's rear end and my fat index finger doing the same has stimulated it for in a moment out popped the egg and the next thing I see, is the lady dropping the bird and diving for the egg, she caught it close to four inches from the floor. Suddenly my patients all shouted, “HOW IS ZAAT Doc” In the pin drop silence I raised my right arm with the index finger pointing upwards and said, “The bird is out”. We all collapsed howling with laughter. The old lady got up and gave a dirty look to all of us and then stumped up to me and grabbed my right hand and opened my palm and deposited the egg there, then bolted from the room. There was another gale of laughter and I was left with the egg on my face (figuratively). I reached my patch still chuckling, and found no birds anywhere. Even if there was one I don’t think I could have taken any pictures with the laughter bubbling up every minute. This wood sandpiper I had taken last month and hadn’t posted, Well there is always a tomorrow.
Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola
Tanny,great work,makes me smile reading these posts from Manjeet,esp "God must be on diuretics",heavy rain,this I will remember,very good.
Thanks Christine for picking that one out, I'm not familiar with medical terminology and I have just put 'Diuretic' into keyword and discovered that it is any drug that elevates the rate of bodily liquid excretion. Manjeet slips in some really funny words and even changes others to make them amusing. Thank goodness he hasn't discovered the word "pishing" to attract birds. I still laugh when I remember Kate Humble catching out Bill Oddie in Spring Watch when she 'pished' and played a Buzzard call.
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